Survey Research in Corporate Finance: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice

ISBN : 9780195340372

H. Kent Baker; J.Clay Singleton; E.Theodore Veit
464 ページ
163 x 236 mm
Financial Management Association Survey and Synthesis

As there is no current book that deals extensively or exclusively with survey research in corporate finance Survey Research in Corporate Finance is the only one of its kind. For even while there are numerous books on survey methodology, none focus on this methodology as specifically applied to corporate finance. In the book, Baker, Singleton, and Velt do nothing less than provide an overview of survey methodology useful to financial researchers, synthesize the major streams or clusters of survey research in corporate finance, and offer a valuable resource and guide for those interested in conducting survey research in finance. Thus this volume will be an essential reference for practitioners, academics, and graduate students-who all must know the methodology of finance survey research. In addition to methodology, the book identifies areas that will be best served by survey-based research. Researchers will have a wealth of information regarding past surveys and will be aware of suitable candidates for future surveys. Several chapters are devoted to synthesizing survey results on major issues in finance. These will help decision makers in finance and in non-finance firms to acquire knowledge learned from years of communications between academics and practitioners.


1. Survey Research in Corporate Finance: An Overview
2. Conducting Survey Research
3. Capital Budgeting
4. Cost of Capital
5. Capital Structure and Financing Decisions
6. Dividends and Dividend Policy
7. Share Repurchases, Special Dividends, Stock Splits, and Stock Dividends
8. Risk Management and Derivatives
9. State of the Art: Do Theory and Practice Actually Meet?


H. Kent Baker is University Professor of Finance and Kogod Research Professor at the Kogod School of Business at American University. J. Clay Singleton is George D. and Harriet W. Cornell Professor of Finance at the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College. E. Theodore Veit is Professor of Finance at the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College