Psychiatric Care of the Medical Patient

ISBN : 9780190636807

Barry S. Fogel; Donna B. Greenberg
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The third edition of Psychiatric Care of the Medical Patient brings a classic reference text into the twenty-first century. It combines critical scholarship with the voice of expert clinicians who work at the interface of psychiatry with medical specialties. It is meant to be read for pleasure as well as consulted as a reference. The editors have worked with the authors to bring a consistent perspective to the book - one that sees the medical psychiatrist as an agent for bringing a more comprehensive perspective to medical care. Even seasoned and knowledgeable practitioners will find much that is new to them in this book. The volume covers topics in depth that other books in the field may not cover at all, such as the use of herbal and nutritional therapies for medical-psychiatric symptoms and syndromes, and the choice of questionnaires to supplement history-taking. It looks at old topics in a new way: The chapter on the physical examination applies psychometric considerations to the Babinski sign, describes the method and application of quantitative bedside olfactory testing, and discusses smartphone apps to improve the sensitivity of the examination. Psychiatric Care of the Medical Patient provides concepts and information to facilitate the dialogue between psychiatrists and general medical specialists - minimizing psychiatric jargon and speaking in the common language of caring and curious physicians.



Part I: Diagnostic Methods
1. Principles of Medical Psychiatry
Donna B. Greenberg and Barry S. Fogel
2. Physical and Neurological Examination
Barry S. Fogel
3. Neuropsychological Assessment
Aaron P. Nelson and Stephanie Assuras
4. Screening Tests and Rating Scales
Barry S. Fogel
5. Laboratory Tests
Kim Stoner
6. Laboratory Evaluation of Endocrine Disorders in Patients with Neuropsychiatric Symptoms
Fernando Rivera, Shirlene Sampson, Christopher Sola, and Susan G. Kornstein
7. Neuroimaging in Psychiatry: The Clinical-Radiographic Correlate
David L. Perez, Laura Ortiz-Teran, and David A. Silbersweig
8. Clinical Neurophysiology in Medical Psychiatry
Rani A. Sarkis and Shahram Khoshbin
9. Neuropsychiatry of Primary Sleep Disorders
Amit Chopra and Jarrett W. Richardson

Part II. Therapeutic Modalities
10. Psychotherapeutic Principles and Techniques
Stephen A. Green
11. Family Therapy in Chronic Medical Illness
Gabor I. Keitner
12. Parent Guidance for Medically Ill Parents
Vaughn L. Mankey and Cynthia W. Moore
13. Group Psychotherapy for Medically Ill Populations
Cheryl Gore-Felton and David Spiegel
14. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies
Lara N. Traeger and Joseph A. Greer
15. Non-Adherence to Treatment
Joseph A. Greer, Paul J. Helmuth, Jeffrey S. Gonzalez, and Steven A. Safren
16. Hypnosis in Psychosomatic Medicine
Jose R. Maldonado
17. Mind Body Medicine
Gregory L. Fricchione
18. Spiritual and Religious Issues in Medical Illness
Gregory L. Fricchione and John R. Peteet
19. Technology in Treatment and Physician-Patient Communication
Steven E. Locke and Tristan Gorrindo
20. Psychiatry and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Nasser Karamouz, Richard T. Goldberg, Lucienne A. Cahen and Seth D. Herman

Part III. Pharmacologic and Other Somatic Treatments
21. Psychopharmacology in the Medical Patient
Thomas Markham Brown, Alan Stoudemire*, and Barry S. Fogel
22. Pharmacokinetics of Psychotropic Drugs in the Context of General Medical Illness
Cindy Mascarenas and Barry S. Fogel
23. Medically Significant Side Effects of Psychotropic Drugs
Thomas Markham Brown
24. Neurostimulation: ECT, VNS, rTMS, and DBS
Lawrence Park
25. Acute Pain Management and Psychopharmacology in the Medically Ill
Robert J. Boland, Monique V. Yohanan, and Richard J. Goldberg
26. Pharmacologic and Other Somatic Treatments of Nausea and Vomiting
Danielle N. Ko and Eva H. Chittenden
27. Pharmacologic and Other Somatic Treatments of Dyspnea
Pedro E. Perez-Cruz and Eva H. Chittenden
28. Therapeutic Nutrients, Herbs, and Hormones
Patricia L. Gerbarg and Richard P. Brown

Part IV. Major Symptoms and Syndromes
29. Grief, Complicated Grief and Bereavement-Related Depression
Alana Iglewicz and Sidney Zisook
30. Acute and Chronic Reactions to Trauma
T.H. Eric Bui, M. Alexandra Kredlow, Meredith E. Charney, Mary C. Zeng, and Naomi M. Simon
31. Anxiety in the Medically Ill
Richard J. Goldberg, Donn A. Posner, and Donna B. Greenberg
32. Eating Disorders
Megan Moore Brennan, Jennifer J. Thomas, and Caitlin M. Nevins
33. Primary Sleep Disorders in Medical and Neurological Patients
Amit Chopra and Jarrett Richardson
34. Medical and Psychiatric Aspects of Chronic Fatigue Syndromes and Apathy
Linda M. Worley and Donna B. Greenberg
35. Sexual Dysfunction
Donna B. Greenberg, Barry S. Fogel, and Linda Shafer
36. Chronic Pain
David Borsook
37. Excessive Illness Behavior
James C. Hamilton, Krystal A. Hedge, and Marc D. Feldman
38. Treatment of Addictions and Related Disorders
Robert Swift
39. Evaluating and Managing Suicide Risk and Violence Risk in the Medical Setting
Phillip M. Kleespies, Douglas H. Hughes, Sarah R. Weintraub, and Ashley S. Hart
40. Personality Disorders in the Medical Setting
Barry S. Fogel

Part V. Neuropsychiatric Disorders
41. Delirium
Jose R. Maldonado
42. Dementia
Scott McGinnis
43. Epilepsy and Seizures
W. Curt LaFrance Jr and Andres M. Kanner
44. Diagnosis and Treatment of Headache
Elizabeth W. Loder
45. Traumatic Brain Injury
Gregory J. O' Shanick, Nils Varney, and George T. Moses
46. Frontal Systems and Dysfunctions
Kimiko Domoto-Reilly, Paul Malloy, Deborah A. Cahn-Weiner, and Thomas Markham Brown
47. Movement Disorders
Shreya Raj and Jeremiah M. Scharf
48. Neuropsychiatric Aspects of Focal Neurological Disease: Cerebrovascular Disease and Multiple Sclerosis
Ruchi Aggarwal and Mario F. Mendez
49. Brain Tumor
Donna B. Greenberg
50. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Medical Illness
Anna M. Georgiopoulos and Craig B.H. Surman
51. The Psychiatric Care of Medical Patients with Autism
Robert L. Doyle

Part VI. Medical Specialties
52. Psychiatric Care of the Patient with Heart Disease
W. Victor Vieweg and Mehrul Hasnain
53. Multi-dimensional Behavioral Medicine Strategies: Management of Tobacco Use and Obesity
Michael G. Goldstein and Margaret Dundon
54. Psychiatric Aspects of Pulmonary Disease
Richard Kradin
55. Neuropsychiatric Manifestations of Endocrine Disorders
Shirlene Sampson, Christopher L. Sola, and Erin Sterenson
56. Gastroenterology
Donna B. Greenberg
57. Psychiatric Care of the Oncology Patient
Donna B. Greenberg
58. Hematologic Disorders
Madeleine Becker, David J. Axelrod, Keira Chism, Tal E. Weinberger, Dimitri Markov, Lex Denysenko, Christine Marchionni, Olu Oyesanmi, Howard Field, and
Elisabeth J. Shakin Kunkel
59. End-Stage Renal Disease and Its Treatment: Dialysis and Transplantation
Gregory M. Gressel, Norman B. Levy, Michael J. Germain, and Lewis M. Cohen
60. Infectious Diseases
Scott R. Beach
61. Rheumatic Disease, Autoimmune Disorders, and Allergy
Sherese Ali
62. Dermatology
Joseph A. Locala
63. HIV and AIDS
Philip A. Bialer and Joseph Z. Lux
64. Medical Genetics
Kristen M. Shannon and Gayun Chan-Smutko

Part VII. Women's Health
65. Gynecologic Surgery, Pelvic Pain, and Other Relevant Issues
Gail Erlick Robinson, Diane de Camps Meschino
66. Infertility, Pregnancy Loss, and Abortion
Gail Erlick Robinson
67. Hormones and Mood
Gail Erlick Robinson and Sophie Grigoriadis
68. Pregnancy and Postpartum
Diane de Camps Meschino, Ariel Dalfen, and Gail Erlick Robinson

Part VIII. Surgical Specialties
69. General Surgery and Anesthesia
Frederick J. Stoddard Jr., Robert L. Sheridan, and Lawrence F. Seltzer
70. Psychiatric Management of Behavioral Syndromes in Intensive Care Units
Robert J. Boland, Michael G. Goldstein, Scott D. Haltzman, and Tracy M. Guthrie
71. Ophthalmology
Mary Lou Jackson and Jennifer Wallis
72. Otolaryngology
Harold Bronheim
73. Aesthetic Surgery
David B. Sarwer and Jacqueline C. Spitzer
74. Transplantation
Thomas W. Heinrich, Michael Marcangelo, and Heidi Christianson
75. Burns
Shamim Nejad, Amelia Dubovsky, Kelly Irwin, Jeremy Goverman, and Shawn Fagan
76. Urology and Andrology
Andrew J. Roth, Suzanne Karl, and Christian J. Nelson
77. Psychosocial Aspects of Hand Arm Illness and Other Orthopedic Problems
Ana-Maria Vranceanu, David Ring, and Donna B. Greenberg
78. Sexual and Psychological Aspects of Rehabilitation After Spinal Cord Injury
Robert M. Kohut Jr., Allen D. Seftel, Stanley H. Ducharme, and Donald R.Bodner

Part IX. Children and Adolescents
79. Psychiatric Assessment of the Physically Ill Child
Wendy Froehlich-Santino, Hans Steiner, and Richard J. Shaw
80. Adaptation of Psychiatric Drug Treatments to Children and Adolescents
Eric P. Hazen
81. Death and Grief Counseling for Children and Adolescents
Patricia J. O'Malley, Hillary G. D'Amato, and Frederick J. Stoddard Jr.

Part X. Medical Psychiatry in the Evolving System of Care
82. Second Medical Opinions in the Era of Personalized Medicine
Mayanka Tickoo, Aditya Bardia, and Lidia Schapira
83. The Continuum of Chronic Care: Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Home Care
Hong-Phuc T. Tran and David B. Reuben
84. End-of-life Issues
John L. Shuster, Harvey Max Chochinov, and Natalie L. Jacobowski
85. Capacity, Competency, and Consent in Medical Psychiatry
Barry S. Fogel
86. Objective Psychiatric Assessment and Management of Chronic Disability Syndromes
C. Donald Williams
87. Telepsychiatry
Terry Rabinowitz
88. Practice Guidelines, Performance Measurement, and Incentives
Daniel P. Hunt



Barry S. Fogel, MD is a graduate of the UCSF School of Medicine; he also holds advanced degrees in mathematics and in management. He was a resident in neurology in the Harvard-Longwood program and a resident in psychiatry at Stanford; he is certified by the ABPN in neurology and psychiatry and by the UCNS in behavioral neurology and neuropsychiatry. Together with the late Dr. Alan Stoudemire he re-defined and popularized the concept of medical psychiatry in a series of articles and books. In 1988 he co-founded the American Neuropsychiatric Association. His work experience includes directing a medical psychiatric inpatient unit, leading the psychiatric service at a state hospital, consulting to healthcare systems, and working as an expert witness.; Donna B. Greenberg, MD is a graduate of University of Rochester School of Medicine. She completed residencies in internal medicine at Boston City Hospital and in psychiatry at the Massachusetts General Hospital. She completed the fellowship in psychosomatic medicine at MGH. She is certified by the ABIM in Internal Medicine and the ABPN in Psychiatry. She has practiced and taught medical psychiatry and psychiatric oncology at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School for over 30 years, with a special focus on the education of medical students.