Oxford Textbook of Osteoarthritis and Crystal Arthropathy (3rd edition)

ISBN : 9780199668847

Hans Bijlsma; Nicola Dalbeth; Michael Doherty; Nigel K. Arden; David Hunter
528 ページ
219 x 276 mm

A trustworthy clinical companion, the textbook offers best practice and management strategies for these common joint diseases. Formerly published as Osteoarthritis, the extensively revised third edition of the Oxford Textbook of Osteoarthritis and Crystal Arthropathy provides up-to-date and evidence-based guidance on how to assess, diagnose, and manage patients. A prestigious and international author team ensure information is expert and relevant-this is a practical tool for clinicians managing people with osteoarthritis, gout, and other crystal-associated arthritis. Confidently consider and chose the right blend of treatment for your patient, whether physical, pharmacological, surgical, or supportive. The Oxford Textbook of Osteoarthritis and Crystal Arthropathy provides full coverage of joint failure, and includes detailed sections on epidemiology, risk factors, clinical assessment, and investigations. This edition also now includes new sections on gout and other crystal arthropathies. Clinically relevant and easily understandable overviews of basic science, including pathology and pain physiology, along with critical appraisal of current guidelines, make this a highly valuable resource. Significant coverage is also given to patient education and the involvement of the patient in management planning. Also highly illustrated, the textbook is a strong reference tool with summary boxes and key points at the end of chapters making it easy to find information quickly and help you deliver the optimum patient outcome. The textbook equips rheumatologists and musculoskeletal health professionals with the knowledge to provide best possible patient care.


1. What is Osteoarthritis?
1 Michael Doherty, Nigel Arden, Johannes Bijlsma, Nicola Dalbeth and David Hunter: What is Osteoarthritis?
2 Juliet Rogers and Paul Dieppe: Paleopathology
3 Laura A. Stoppiello and Michael Doherty: Morphological aspects of pathology

2. Tissues
4 Peter M van der Kraan and Esmeralda N Blaney Davidson: Cartilage
5 Steven R. Goldring and Richard L. Menschel: Pathophysiology of peri-articular bone changes in osteoarthritis
6 Floris Lafeber, N.J. Besselink and S.C. Mastbergen: Osteoarthritis: synovium and capsule
7 Jason J. McDougall and Joel A. Vilensky: Neuromuscular

3. Epidemiology
8 Nigel Arden and Michael C. Nevitt: Epidemiology

4. Risk factors
9 Ana M Valdes: Genetics
10 Joanne M. Jordan, Kelli D. Allen and Leigh F. Callahan: Age, gender, race/ethnicity, and socioeconomic status in osteoarthritis and its outcomes
11 Richard Aspden and Jenny Gregory: Morphology
12 J. Runhaar and S.M.A. Bierma-Zeinstra: Lifestyle

5. Pain
13 Philip Mease: Neurobiology of pain in osteoarthritis
14 David A Walsh: Contextual aspects of pain
why does the patient hurt?

6. Clinical assessment
15 Margreet Kloppenburg: Clinical assessment: signs, symptoms and patient perceptions in osteoarthritis
16 Daichi Hayashi, Ali Guermazi and Frank W. Roemer: Radiography and Computed Tomography Imaging of Osteoarthritis
17 Walter Grassi, Tadashi Okano and Emilio Filippucci: Ultrasound in osteoarthritis and crystal-related arthropathies
18 David Hunter and Frank Roemer: Imaging - MRI
19 Leticia Alle Deveza, Changhai Ding, Xingzhong Jin, Xia Wang, Zhaohua Zhu and David Hunter: Laboratory tests

7. Management
20 Michael Doherty, Nigel Arden, Johannes Bijlsma, Nicola Dalbeth and David J. Hunter: Introduction: the comprehensive approach
21 Gillian Hawker, Anne Lyddiatt, Linda Li, Dawn Stacey, Susan Jaglal, Sarah Munce and Esther Waugh: Patient information strategies for decision making and management of osteoarthritis
22 Kim L Bennell, Ans Van Ginckel, Fiona Dobson and Rana S Hinman: Exercise for the person with osteoarthritis
23 Marius Henriksen, Robin Christensen, Berit L. Heitmann and Henning Bliddal: Weight loss
24 Christelle Nguyen and Francois Rannou: Addressing adverse mechanical factors
25 Joost Dekker, Daniel Bossen, Jasmijn Holla, Mariette de Rooij, Cindy Veenhof and Marike van der Leeden: Psychological strategies in osteoarthritis of the knee or hip
26 MA Holden, MJ Thomas and KS Dziedzic: Miscellaneous Physical Therapies
27 Dr. A. Abhishek and Prof. M. Doherty,: Placebo, nocebo and contextual effects

8. Pharmacological therapies
28 Dr A Abhishek, Dr Adrian Jones and Professor Michael Doherty: Topical pharmacologic treatments
29 Bernard Bannwarth and Francis Berenbaum: Systemic analgesics (including paracetamol and opioids)
30 Lee S. Simon and Marc C. Hochberg: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
31 Allen D Sawitzke and Daniel O Clegg: Supplements for the treatment of Osteoarthritis
32 Nigel Arden and Terence O'Neill: Intra-articular injection therapy

9. Surgery
33 Andrew Price, Paul Monk and David Beard: Arthoplasty and its complications
34 Jonas Bloch Thorlund and L. Stefan Lohmander: Other surgical approaches in the management of osteoarthritis

10. Prospects for disease modification
35 Shirley Pei-Chun Yu and David John Hunter: Prospects for disease modification

11. Delivery of care
36 Caroline A Brand and Ilana N Ackerman: Delivery (organisation and outcome)

12. Guidelines
37 Weiya Zhang and Michael Doherty: Guidelines

13. Gout
38 Samantha Hider and Edward Roddy: Epidemiology of gout
39 Nicola Dalbeth: Pathophysiology of gout
40 Tony R Merriman: The genetic basis of gout
41 Tim L Jansen: Clinical presentation of gout
42 Eliseo Pascual and Francisca Sivera: Laboratory investigations in gout
43 Robert T. Keenan, Sneha Pai and Naomi Schlesinger: Imaging of gout
44 Pascal Richette: Principles of gout management
45 Puja Khanna: Treatment of acute gout
46 Fernando Perez-Ruiz, Irati Urionaguena and Sandra P. Chinchilla: Long-term management of gout
47 Thomas Bardin: Asymptomatic hyperuricaemia - to treat or not to treat?

14. Calcium pyrophosphate crystal deposition
48 Dr A Abhishek and Professor Michael Doherty: Epidemiology and risk factors for calcium pyrophosphate deposition
49 Dr A Abhishek and Professor Michael Doherty: Pathophysiology of calcium pyrophosphate deposition
50 Dr A Abhishek and Professor Michael Doherty: Clinical features of calcium pyrophosphate crystal deposition
51 Dr A Abhishek and Professor Michael Doherty: Investigations of calcium pyrophosphate deposition
52 Dr A Abhishek and Professor Michael Doherty: Treatment of calcium pyrophosphate deposition

15. Basic calcium phosphates
53 Nicola Dalbeth: Basic calcium phosphates and osteoarthritis


Professor Michael Doherty MA MD FRCP FHEA is Professor of Rheumatology and Head of Division of Rheumatology, Orthopaedics and Dermatology, School of Medicine, University of Nottingham. His main research interests are osteoarthritis (OA), gout, calcium pyrophosphate crystal deposition (CPPD), placebo/contextual response and evidence based medicine. He has expertise in clinical and epidemiological studies, community-based clinical trials, systematic reviews and meta-analyses. He has over 300 original research publications and was awarded the OA Research Society International (OARSI) Clinical Research Award for 2012. He is a past editor of Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases (1992-99), has co-chaired EULAR Task Forces for recommendations for OA, gout and CPPD arthritis, and has been involved as a clinical expert in NICE appraisals for OA and gout. ; Johannes (Hans) Bijlsma is professor of Rheumatology at the University of Utrecht, as well as at both Universities (VU and UVA) in Amsterdam. He was Head of the Department of Rheumatology and Immunology in Utrecht (1989-2013) and of the Amsterdam Rheumatology and immunology Center (2013-2015). His main research interests are osteoarthritis (OA), treatment strategies in rheumatoid arthritis and glucocorticoids. He has expertise in clinical and epidemiological studies, randomised controlled clinical trials in early RA, systematic reviews and meta-analyses. He has over 600 original research publications and was awarded the Jan van Breemen Award for his scientific work in the Netherlands (2015). He is an associate editor of Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases (2005 - ongoing), has co-chaired EULAR Task Forces for recommendations for OA and the use of glucocorticoids. He has been the chair of Education of EULAR, the coordinator of the EULAR online courses and is presently the President-elect of EULAR; Nigel Arden is a Professor of Rheumatic Diseases and an International Leader in Epidemiology and predictive modelling and trial design. He has clinical and research expertise in osteoarthritis, arthroplasty and osteoporosis and has published numerous manuscripts based on the use of cohort and large routinely collected databases in musculoskeletal diseases and their treatment. His research interests focus on the epidemiology of musculoskeletal diseases, with a focus on Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis. He is based in the Botnar Research Centre, University of Oxford with additional sessions at the MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit at the University of Southampton.; Professor David Hunter is a rheumatology clinician researcher whose main research focus has been clinical and translational research in osteoarthritis (OA). He is the Florance and Cope Chair of Rheumatology and Professor of Medicine at University of Sydney, and Staff Specialist at Royal North Shore Hospital and North Sydney Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Centre. His research is focused on a number of key elements in OA including (but not limited to) the epidemiology of osteoarthritis, the application of imaging to better understand structure and function with application to both epidemiologic research and clinical trials, novel therapies in disease management and heath service system delivery of chronic disease management. He is an editor for leading international journals in his field. He has authored books on osteoarthritis and has over 350 publications in peer reviewed journals.; Professor Nicola Dalbeth is an academic rheumatologist who leads a clinical and laboratory programme of research in gout, an inflammatory arthritis of major significance to Aotearoa New Zealand. Her work focuses on understanding the impact and mechanisms of disease in gout. She is a founding member of the Counties Manukau District Health Board Maori Gout Action Group, and she was the Lead Clinical Advisor for the Gout Clinical Pathways (Greater Auckland Integrated Healthcare Network) and the national bpac Gout Treatment Guidelines. She has served as an Expert Panel member on the American College of Rheumatology Gout Management Guidelines, and is a steering committee member for the OMERACT gout working group and the ACR/EULAR gout classification project.