The Oxford Handbook of Global Modernisms

ISBN : 9780195338904

Mark Wollaeger
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Oxford Handbooks of Literature

The Oxford Handbook of Global Modernisms expands the scope of modernism beyond its traditional focus to explore the contributions of artists from regions like Spain, the Balkans, China, Japan, India, Vietnam, and Nigeria. Together, these essays offer the most comprehensive worldwide examination of modernist studies available. Topics covered include: Richard Wright and photographic modernism; poetry of the Caribbean; Chinese modernism and Lu Xun's Ah Q-The Real Story; Ben Okri and magical realism; aesthetic autonomy in Paris, Italy, Russia; Cuba's avant-gardes; geography of Hebrew and Yiddish modernism in Europe; Japanese modernism in works by Kitagawa Fuyuhiko and Yokomitsu Riichi; and South African cinema.


Introduction 3
Mark Wollaeger
Part I : Opening Places, Opening Methods
1. Th e Balkans Uncovered: Towards Historie Croisee of Modernism 25
Sanja Bahun
2 . Caribbean Modernism: Plantation to Planetary 48
Mary Lou Emery
Part II : Temporality
3. Berber Poetry and the Issue of Derivation: Alternate Symbolist
Trajectories 81
Edwige Tamalet Talbayev
4. The Temporalities of Modernity in Spanish American M odernismo :
Dario's Bourgeois King 109
Gerard Aching
5. Nation Time: Richard Wright, Black Power , and Photographic
Modernism 129
Sara Blair
6. Chinese Modernism, Mimetic Desire, and European Time 149
Eric Hayot
Part III : Whose Modernism?
7. The Will to Allegory and the Origin of Chinese Modernism:
Rereading Lu Xun's Ah Q-Th e Real Story 173
Xudong Zhang
8. Neither Mirror nor Mimic: Transnational Reading and Indian
Narratives in English 205
Jessica Berman
9. Modernism and African Literature 228
Neil Lazarus
Part IV : Forms and Modes
10. ": Ben Okri's Infl ationary Modernism 249
Sarah L. Lincoln
11. Little Magazines, World Form 267
Eric Bulson
12. Poetry, Modernity, Globalization 288
Jahan Ramazani
Part V : Comparative Avant-Gardes
13. Futurist Geographies: Uneven Modernities and the Struggle for
Aesthetic Autonomy: Paris, Italy, Russia, 1909-1914 313
Harsha Ram
14. Modernity's Labors in Latin America: Th e Cultural Work of Cuba's
Vicky Unruh
15. Queer Internationalism and Modern Vietnamese Aesthetics 367
Ben Tran
Part VI : Forms of Sociality
16. Cosmopolitanism and Modernism 387
Janet Lyon
17. Jean Rhys: Left Bank Modernist as Postcolonial Intellectual 413
Peter Kalliney
18. The Urban Literary Cafe and the Geography of Hebrew and Yiddish
Modernism in Europe 433
Shachar Pinsker
Part VII : Locating the Transnational
19. Th e Circulation of Interwar Anglophone and Hispanic
Modernisms 461
Gayle Rogers
20. Scandinavian Modernism: Stories of the Transnational
and the Discontinuous 478
Anna Westerstahl Stenport
21. World Modernisms, World Literature, and Comparativity 499
Susan Stanford Friedman
Part VIII : Translation Zones: Culture, Language, Media
22. Modernism Disfi gured: Turkish Literature and the " 529
Nergis Erturk
23. M odernism's Translations 551
Rebecca Beasley
24. Japanese Modernism and "Cine-Text": Fragments and Flows at
Empire's Edge in Kitagawa Fuyuhiko and Yokomitsu Riichi 571
William O. Gardner
Part IX : Film as Vernacular Modernism
25. T racking Cinema on a Global Scale 601
Miriam Bratu Hansen
26. V isions of Modernity in Colonial India: Cinema,
Women, and the City 627
Manishita Dass
27. Vernacular Modernism and South African Cinema: Capitalism,
Crime, and Styles of Desire 646
Rosalind C. Morris
Part X : Afterword
28. Modernist Studies and Inter-Imperiality in the Longue Duree 669
Laura Doyle
Notes on Contributors 697


Mark Wollaeger is Professor of English at Vanderbilt University. He is the author of Joseph Conrad and the Fictions of Skepticism (1990) and Modernism, Media, and Propaganda: British Narrative from 1900 to 1945 (2006), as well as editor of two collections of essays on Joyce. Matt Eatough is a doctoral candidate in the English Department at Vanderbilt University.