The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary British and Irish Poetry

ISBN : 9780198778547

Peter Robinson
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The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary British and Irish Poetry offers thirty-eight chapters of ground breaking research that form a collaborative guide to the many groupings and movements, the locations and styles, as well as concerns (aesthetic, political, cultural and ethical) that have helped shape contemporary poetry in Britain and Ireland. The book's introduction offers an anthropological participant-observer approach to its variously conflicted subjects, while exploring the limits and openness of the contemporary as a shifting and never wholly knowable category. The five ensuing sections explore: a history of the period's poetic movements; its engagement with form, technique, and the other arts; its association with particular locations and places; its connection with, and difference from, poetry in other parts of the world; and its circling around such ethical issues as whether poetry can perform actions in the world, can atone, redress, or repair, and how its significance is inseparable from acts of evaluation in both poets and readers. Though the book is not structured to feature chapters on authors thought to be canonical, on the principle that contemporary writers are by definition not yet canonical, the volume contains commentary on many prominent poets, as well as finding space for its contributors' enthusiasms for numerous less familiar figures. It has been organized to be read from cover to cover as an ever deepening exploration of a complex field, to be read in one or more of its five thematically structured sections, or indeed to be read by picking out single chapters or discussions of poets that particularly interest its individual readers.


Peter Robinson: Introduction: The Limits and Openness of the Contemporary

I. Movements over Time
1 Edward Larrissy: Modernist Survivors
2 Michael O'Neill: The Thirties Bequest
3 Leo Mellor: The Unburied Past: Walking with Ghosts of the 1940s
4 William May: 'Obscure and Doubtful': Stevie Smith, F. T. Prince, and Legacy
5 Martin Dodsworth: The Movement: Never and Always
6 Jeremy Noel-Tod: 'In different voices': Modernism since the 1960s
7 Helen Bailey: Two Poetries?: A Re-examination of the 'Poetry Divide' in 1970s Britain
8 Deryn Rees-Jones: A Dog's Chance: The Evolution of Contemporary Women's Poetry?
9 Richard Price: CAT-scanning the Little Magazine
10 Matthew Sperling: Books and the Market: Trade Publishers, State Subsidies, and Small Presses

II. Senses of Form and Technique
11 Jeffrey Wainwright: 'Space available': A Poet's Decisions
12 Adam Piette: Contemporary Poetry and Close Reading
13 Simon Dentith: 'All livin language is sacred': Poetry and Varieties of English in these Islands
14 Zoe Skoulding: Misremembered Lyric and Orphaned Music
15 Conor Carville: 'The degree of power exercised': Recent Ekphrasis
16 Sophie Mayer: Cinema Mon Amour: How British Poetry Fell in Love with Film
17 Peter Carpenter: Singing Schools and Beyond: The Roles of Creative Writing

III. Poetry in Places
18 Heather O'Donoghue: Historical and Archaeological: The Poetry of Recovery and Memory
19 John Kerrigan: London, Albion
20 Peter Middleton: The 'London Cut': Poetry and Science
21 David Wheatley: 'Dafter than we care to own': Some Poets of the North of England
22 John Redmond: Auden in Ireland
23 Maria Johnston: 'Other Modes of Being': Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill, Paul Muldoon, and Translation
24 Alice Entwistle: Writing [W]here: Gender and Cultural Positioning in Ireland and Wales
25 Rod Mengham: The Altered Sublime: Raworth, Crozier, Prynne

IV. Border Crossings
26 David Herd: Dislocating Country: Post-War English Poetry and the Politics of Movement
27 Omaar Hena: Multi-ethnic British Poetries
28 Stephen Romer: European Affinities
29 Iain Galbraith: Scottish Poetry in the Wider World
30 Romana Huk: The View from the USA
31 Anna Smaill: Audience and Awkwardness: Personal Poetry in Britain and New Zealand

V. Responsibilities and Values
32 Maximilian de Gaynesforde: Speech Acts, Responsibility, and Commitment in Poetry
33 Natalie Pollard: 'Is a chat with me your fancy?': Address in Contemporary British Poetry
34 Peter Robinson: 'There Again': Composition, Revision, and Repair
35 Piers Pennington: Reparation, Atonement, and Redress
36 Michael Symmons Roberts: Contemporary Poetry and Belief
37 Andrea Brady: The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Poet
38 Peter Robinson: Contemporary Poetry and Value


Edited by Peter Robinson, Professor of English and American Literature, The University of Reading.