The Oxford Handbook of British Poetry, 1660-1800

ISBN : 9780199600809

Jack Lynch
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In the most comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the poetry published in Britain between the Restoration and the end of the eighteenth century, forty-four authorities from six countries survey the poetry of the age in all its richness and diversity-serious and satirical, public and private, by men and women, nobles and peasants, whether published in deluxe editions or sung on the streets. The contributors discuss poems in social contexts, poetic identities, poetic subjects, poetic form, poetic genres, poetic devices, and criticism. Even experts in eighteenth-century poetry will see familiar poems from new angles, and all readers will encounter poems they've never read before. The book is not a chronologically organized literary history, nor an encyclopedia, nor a collection of thematically related essays; rather it is an attempt to provide a systematic overview of these poetic works, and to restore it to a position of centrality in modern criticism.



Part I: Poems in Social Settings
1 William Donaldson: Poems on the streets
2 Cynthia Wall: Poems on the stage
3 James McLaverty: Poems in print
4 Jennifer Batt: Poems in magazines
5 Tom Keymer: Poems in the novel
6 Andrea Immel and Lissa Paul: Poems in the nursery
7 Richard Terry: Poems in the lecture hall

Part II: Poetic Identities
8 Moyra Haslett: The poet as clubman
9 Brean Hammond: The poet as professional
10 Bridget Keegan: The poet as laborer
11 Lorna Clymer: The poet as teacher
12 Rivka Swenson: The poet as man of feeling
13 Marshall Brown: The poet as genius
14 Nick Groom: The poet as fraud
15 Isobel Grundy: The poet as fraud

Part III: Poetic Subjects
16 David F. Venturo: Poems on poetry
17 Christine Gerrard: Poems on politics
18 Leith Davis: Poems on nation and empire
19 Pat Rogers: Poems on science and philosophy
20 Donna Landry: Poems on place
21 Catherine Ingrassia: Poems on the sexes

Part IV: Poetic Form
22 J. Paul Hunter: Couplets
23 Conrad Brunstrom: Blank verse
24 Rodney Stenning Edgecombe: Stanzas
25 Richard Bradford: Free verse and prose poetry

Part V: Poetic Genres
26 David Hill Radcliffe: Pastoral
27 David Fairer: Georgic
28 Anna Foy: Epic
29 Ashley Marshall: Satire
30 Sandro Jung: Ode
31 James D. Garrison: Elegy
32 Ruth Perry: Ballad
33 Emma Mason: Devotional poetry
34 Jennifer Keith: Lyric
35 Tanya Caldwell: Translation

Part VI: Poetic Devices
36 Timothy Erwin: Imagery
37 Blanford Parker: Metaphor
38 Marcus Walsh: Allusion
39 Jack Lynch: Irony

Part VII: Criticism
40 Adam Rounce: Scholarship
41 Philip Smallwood: Histories
42 Antonia Forster: Reviews
43 Daniel J. Ennis: Honors


Jack Lynch is Professor of English at Rutgers University-Newark, and the author or editor of eighteen books, including The Age of Elizabeth in the Age of Johnson and Deception and Detection in Eighteenth-Century Britain. He is co-editor of The Age of Johnson: A Scholarly Annual.