Media and Society (6th edition)

ISBN : 9780195597240

Jane Stadler; Michael O'Shaughnessy; Sarah Casey
560 ページ
204 x 248 mm

Media and Society explores the relationship between the media, their institutions and the world we live in, examining how they are connected and how society and the media affect each other. The book analyses representations of the world found in films, television, advertisements, news and online to understand the impact of the media in the contemporary world. The sixth edition explores several themes throughout the text, including the contradictory nature of the media and the psychological concerns of the media, to provide clear explanations of complex theories and ideas.


Part 1 Getting Ready: The Media
1 Defining the Media
2 Media Studies
3 What Do the Media Do to Us? Media and Society
4 What's in a Name? Language and the Social Construction of Reality
5 Mediation and Representation
6 Texts, Meanings and Audiences
7 New Media and Technological Development

Part 2 Pictures: Semiotic Analysis
8 Semiology
9 Reading Images and Advertisements
10 Model Essay: Semiotic Analysis of an Advertisement

Part 3 Making Sense: Discourse, Ideology and Hegemony
11 Discourse and Ideology
12 Dominant Ideology and Hegemony
13 Culture Jamming and Counter-hegemony

Part 4 Stories: Approaches for Narrative Analysis
14 Genres, Codes and Conventions
15 The Language of Film: American Beauty
16 Narrative Structure and Binary Oppositions
17 Digital Television and Interactive Narratives
18 Documentary and Reality TV
19 Why Stories?

Part 5 Media and Identity: Representation, Impact and Influence
20 Feminism, Post-feminism and Ideology of Femininity
21 Ideologies and Discourses of Masculinity
22 Ethnicity, Ideology and the Media
23 Stars and Celebrities

Part 6: But They Keep Moving the Posts: Postmodern and Global Perspectives
24 Postmodernism
25 Globalisation


Michael O'Shaughnessy, formerly School of Media and Communications, Edith Cowan University; Jane Stadler, Associate Professor, Film and Media Studies, University of Queensland; Sarah Casey, School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science, Griffith University