How Change Happens

ISBN : 9780198785392

Duncan Green
288 ページ
136 x 221 mm

Human society is full of would-be 'change agents', a restless mix of campaigners, lobbyists, and officials, both individuals and organizations, set on transforming the world. They want to improve public services, reform laws and regulations, guarantee human rights, get a fairer deal for those on the sharp end, achieve greater recognition for any number of issues, or simply be treated with respect. Striking then, that not many universities have a Department of Change Studies, to which social activists can turn for advice and inspiration. Instead, scholarly discussions of change are fragmented with few conversations crossing disciplinary boundaries, rarely making it onto the radars of those actively seeking change. This book bridges the gap between academia and practice, bringing together the best research from a range of academic disciplines and the evolving practical understanding of activists to explore the topic of social and political change. Drawing on many first-hand examples from the global experience of Oxfam, one of the world's largest social justice NGOs, as well as the author's insights from studying and working on international development, it tests ideas on How Change Happens and offers the latest thinking on what works to achieve progressive change.


Ha-Joon Chang: Foreword

Part 1. A Power and Systems Approach
1 Systems Thinking Changes Everything
2 Power Lies at the Heart of Change
3 Shifts in Social Norms often Underpin Change
Case Study: The Chiquitanos of Bolivia

Part 2. Institutions and the Importance of History
Introduction to Section 2
4 How States Evolve
5 The Machinery of Law
6 Accountability, Political Parties,and the Media
7 How the International System Shapes Change
8 Transnational Corporations as Drivers and Targets of Change
Case Study: The December 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Part 3. Activists
Introduction to Section 3
9 Citizen Activism and Civil Society
10 Leaders and leadership
11 The Power of Advocacy
12 A Power and Systems Approach to Making Change Happen
In Conclusion


Duncan Green is Oxfam GB's Senior Strategic Adviser. He also teaches on international development at the London School of Economics, where he is a Professor in Practice. His blog is one of the most widely read on international development, and is named after his book From Poverty to Power (2nd ed., 2012). How Change Happens contains the accumulated experience of years spent engaged in the field, researching and writing about reducing poverty and combating injustice and, as the author says, trying to, do justice to the complexity of the world, while still believing there is a story about how it can be changed for the better.