The Healthcare Professional Workforce: Understanding Human Capital in a Changing Industry

ISBN : 9780190215651

Kathleen M. Sutcliffe; Timothy J. Hoff; Gary J. Young
224 ページ
156 x 235 mm

As the U.S. healthcare industry undergoes sweeping changes to increase efficiency and reduce costs, the healthcare workforce is changing as well. In this new system of care, physicians work alongside health care teams, where nurses, pharmacists, and other professionals must collaborate to provide better, more affordable care to many more patients than ever before. The HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL WORKFORCE is the first book to codify the transformations underway across health professions in the U.S. and to situate these changes within a larger context for both healthcare and non-healthcare audiences. This volume provides an important guide to understanding how health professionals fit within the emerging model of healthcare, and serves as a vital resource for readers in health policy management, medicine, public health, and organizational studies. Comprising seven unique chapters alongside commentaries from heads of healthcare organizations and influential physicians, THE HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL WORKFORCE provides a theoretical and practical benchmark for understanding the next generation of human capital in one of society's most important labor sectors.


1. Introduction to the Book and the Forces Transforming the U.S. Health Professional Workforce
2. Not Your Parent's Profession: The Restratification of Medicine in the United States
3. Transformation of the Non-Physician Health Professions
4. Health Professionals and Organizations - Moving Toward True Symbiosis
5. The Paradoxes of Leading and Managing Healthcare Professionals Toward the Integration of Healthcare Services
6. How Health Professional Training Will and Should Change
7. Implications of Professional Change for Health Policy, Practice, and Management


Timothy J. Hoff is Professor of Management, Healthcare Systems, and Health Policy at Northeastern University and a Visiting Associate Fellow at Oxford University.; Kathleen M. Sutcliffe is the Bloomberg Distinguished Professor at Johns Hopkins University with appointments in the Carey Business School, the School of Medicine, and the School of Medicine's Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety.; Gary J. Young is Director of the Northeastern University Center for Health Policy and Healthcare Research as well as Professor of Strategic Management and Healthcare Systems, Northeastern University.