Digital Organization Tips for Music Teachers

ISBN : 9780190261016

Robby Burns
256 ページ
178 x 254 mm

Are you a music teacher searching for sanity in the midst of all your chaotic responsibilities? Music teachers have to do so much more than teach music. They have to be master musicians, educators, and conductors, all while balancing other professional disciplines like arranging, composing, trip planning, financing, and more. The parts of the job that take our sights off of great teaching must be managed so that we can focus on what counts: the music. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the logistics of your job, you are in luck- there is an app for that! Actually, a lot of apps. And Digital Organization Tips for Music Teachers is here to tell you all about them. Every teacher has something to gain from this book. Whether you can barely turn your computer on or if you are just looking for tips on how to make your work more efficient, there is something in store for you. The technologies in this book are presented in bite sized descriptions of desktop and mobile apps, followed by applications of how they can solve specific problems that music teachers experience every day. Each chapter covers a different type of data that music teachers have to organize, ranging from notes, to tasks, to scores and audio recordings. Music teachers have it too hard to ignore modern technology but too little time to invest in software that requires a degree to understand. The technology in this book is so simple to grasp the basics of, you will be able to jump right in and start putting these tips into practice at every page turn.


Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Productivity Basics
Chapter 3 - Taking Notes
Chapter 4 - Cloud Drives
Chapter 5 - Scanning Documents
Chapter 6 - Working with PDFs
Chapter 7 - Working with Scores
Chapter 8 - Audio Management
Chapter 9 - Image, Photo, Video Management
Chapter 10 - Miscellaneous Productivity Apps
Chapter 11 - Automation and Advanced Workflows


Robby Burns is a music educator and percussionist based in Maryland. Robby received his Bachelor's in Music Education and Master's of Music in Percussion Performance from the University of Maryland, College Park. He currently serves as the Technology Chair for the Maryland Music Educators Association and has presented several sessions on using technology to get digitally organized at music education conferences across the country. He maintains a blog and podcast about subjects including music and technology at www.robbyburns.com.