Agency: Law and Principles (3rd edition)

ISBN : 9780198784685

Roderick Munday
464 ページ
156 x 234 mm

Questions of agency regularly arise in the work of commercial practitioners. This book, noted for its uniquely clear and accessible style, provides an invaluable reference guide to the main principles of agency law, including detailed explanation of the Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations of 1993. Detailed and incisive analysis of case law is combined with a practical approach to the law which accurately reflects modern commercial realities, considering the application of agency principles according to particular classes of agents operating in the major commercial sectors. It includes discussion of actual and apparent authority of an agent, agency of necessity, want of authority and ratification looking at the legal relations between principal and agent, and between third party as well as the relations between agent and third party, sub-agency and termination of agency. In keeping with the approach of previous editions, the third edition of Agency: Law and Principles emphasises contemporary case law, and has been fully revised and updated in response to significant recent developments.


1 The Nature of Agency
2 Creation of Agency
3 The Actual Authority of the Agent
4 Apparent Authority
5 Authority Deriving from Agency of Necessity
6 Ratification
7 The Agent's Liability for Breach of Warranty of Authority
8 Legal Relations between Principal and Agent: Duties the Agent Owes to his Principal
9 Legal Relations Between Principal and Agent: Rights of the Agent Against the Principal
10 Legal Relations Between Principal and Third Party
11 The Tortious Liabilities of Principal and Agent
12 Legal Relations Between Agent and Third Party
13 Termination of Agency


Roderick Munday is a Reader in the Faculty of Law and Fellow and Director of Studies in Law at Peterhouse College, Cambridge. Having completed his undergraduate studies in Law at Cambridge and having begun research towards a doctorate, Dr Munday intermitted his research in order to take up a teaching post at the Institut de Droit Compare, Universite Pantheon-Assas Paris II. Upon his return to Cambridge he was elected into a Research Fellowship at St. Catharine's College, but shortly afterwards translated to Peterhouse as an Official Fellow. He is also a Bencher of Lincoln's Inn.