Textbook on Land Law (16th edition)

ISBN : 9780198748373

Judith-Anne MacKenzie
696 ページ
171 x 246 mm

Practical and contextual in its approach, lucid and engaging in style, Textbook on Land Law enlivens the subject for students. The innovative running case study illustrates the law in action, helping students to visualize the real life applications of the law and demystify abstract concepts. Additional examples, extracts, diagrams, and sample documents contribute to the building blocks of a clear framework, enabling students to gain a solid, pragmatic understanding of essential principles. Academic details on key topics are explained straightforwardly for an accessible learning experience. A glossary of key land law terminology is included at the end of the book for ease of reference, while end-of-chapter reading suggestions support further research and exam preparation. This textbook is also accompanied by an Online Resource Centre which includes advice on approaching land law problems, additional topics for further study, and updates to the law.


Part I: Introduction
1 Estates in land
2 Interests in land
3 Land law and human rights
Part II: Acquisition of Estates in Land
4 Buying a house
5 The contract
6 Unregistered land
7 Registered land
8 Acquisition of an estate by adverse possession
Part III: Legal Estates
9 The freehold estate
10 The leasehold estate
11 Obligations of landlord and tenant
12 Enforcement of leasehold covenants
13 Remedies for breach of leasehold covenants
14 Commonhold
Part IV: Trusts and Proprietary Estoppel
15 Express and implied trusts
16 Co-ownership
17 Trusts of land
18 Settled land act
19 Perpetuities
20 Resulting and constructive trusts of the family home
21 Proprietary estoppel
Part V: Licences
22 Nature of a licence
23 Enforcement
Part VI: Third-party Rights
24 Mortgages and charges
25 Priorities in relation to mortgages and charges
26 Easements and profits a prendre
27 Covenants relating to freehold land
Part VII: Conclusion
28 The family home
29 What is land?


Judith-Anne MacKenzie was, for 21 years,a practising barrister in the Civil Service working intially as Assistant Parliamentary Counsel (drafting legislation), and later as a Senior Civil Servant in the DTI, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and the Department for Transport. Prior to that she was a legal academic and a barrister in private practice. She has now retired from practice but continues to work as an author. She is also Special Advisor to the Save Me Trust.