Concentrate Questions and Answers Contract Law: Law Q&A Revision and Study Guide

ISBN : 9780198745235

Steve Wilson; Clare Sandford-Couch
256 ページ
156 x 234 mm

Concentrate Q&A Contract Law offers unrivalled exam and coursework support for when you're aiming high. The new Concentrate Q&A series is the result of a collaboration involving hundreds of law students and lecturers from universities across the UK. The result is a series that offers you better support and a greater chance to succeed on your law course than any of its rivals. This essential study guide contains a variety of model answers to give you the confidence to tackle any essay or problem question, and the skills you need to excel. *Knowing the right answer is a start, knowing how to structure it gets you the highest marks: annotated answers guide you step by step through the structure of a great answer, and show you how to ensure you focus on the heart of the question *Recognize and recall: user-friendly layout ensures that it is easy to find key information, and diagram answer plans help you visualize how to plan and structure your answers *Aim high: avoid common mistakes, use the further reading suggestions to help you take things further and demonstrate your understanding of key academic debates to really impress *Don't just rely on the exam to pick up your marks: a unique coursework skills chapter offers advice on researching, referencing and critical analysis - not available in any other Q&A series This study guide is also accompanied by a wealth of online extras at www.oxfordtextbooks.co.uk/orc/qanda/ which include: *Additional essay and problem questions for you to practise your technique. Questions are annotated, highlighting key terms and legal issues to help you plan your own answers. An indication of what your answers should cover is also provided. *Video guidance on how to put an answer plan together *Online versions of all the diagram answer plans from the book *A glossary of key terms *Podcasts from expert examiners on revision and exam technique, coursework technique, and advice on how to tackle other assessment methods such as MCQs and presentations


1 Exam skills for success in contract law
2 Offer and acceptance
3 Consideration and intention to create legal relations
4 Terms of the contract
5 Exclusion clauses and unfair terms
6 Misrepresentation
7 Improper pressure
8 Mistake
9 Illegality and restraint of trade
10 Frustration
11 Damages
12 Additional remedies
13 Privity of contract
14 Mixed topic questions
15 Skills for success in coursework assessments