The International Criminal Court: A Commentary on the Rome Statute (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780198739777

William A. Schabas
1712 ページ
171 x 246 mm
Oxford Commentaries on International Law

Established as one of the main sources for the study of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, this volume provides an article-by-article analysis of the Statute; the detailed analysis draws upon relevant case law from the Court itself, as well as from other international and national criminal tribunals, academic commentary, and related instruments such as the Elements of Crimes, the Rules of Procedure and Evidence, and the Relationship Agreement with the United Nations. Each of the 128 articles is accompanied by an overview of the drafting history as well as a bibliography of academic literature relevant to the provision. Written by a single author, the Commentary avoids duplication and inconsistency, providing a comprehensive presentation to assist those who must understand, interpret, and apply the complex provisions of the Rome Statute.This volume has been well-received in the academic community and has become a trusted reference for those who work at the Court, even judges. The fully updated second edition of The International Criminal Court incorporates new developments in the law, including discussions of recent judicial activity and the amendments to the Rome Statute adopted at the Kampala conference.


Historical Introduction
Part 1. Establishment of the Court
Part 2. Jurisdiction, Admissibility, and Applicable Law
Part 3. General Principles of Criminal Law
Part 4. Composition and Administration of the Court
Part 5. Investigation and Prosecution
Part 6. The Trial
Part 7. Penalties
Part. 8 Appeal and Revision
Part 9. International Cooperation and Judicial Assistance
Part 10. Enforcement
Part 11. Assembly of States Parties
Part 12. Financing
Part 13. Final Clauses


William A. Schabas is Professor of International Law at Middlesex University in London. He is also Professor of International Human and Human Rights Law at Leiden University, Emeritus Professor of Human Rights Law at the National University of Ireland, Galway, and Honorary Chairman of the Irish Centre for Human Rights. Professor Schabas holds BA and MA degrees in history from the University of Toronto and LLB, LLM, and LLD degrees from the University of Montreal, as well as several honorary doctorates. Professor Schabas was named an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2006. He was elected a member of the Royal Irish Academy in 2007.