Mobilizing Knowledge in Health Care: Challenges for Management and Organization

ISBN : 9780198738237

Jacky Swan; Sue Newell; Davide Nicolini
288 ページ
153 x 234 mm

The research-practice gap is a persistent problem in healthcare - significant new knowledge is created but only some of it is shared and even less is used. As a consequence, many innovative ideas fail to change practice in healthcare settings. Academics, practitioners, and governments alike, agree that finding new ways of mobilizing knowledge is critical to reducing this gap. Yet knowledge mobilization is especially difficult in such a complex setting. This is because knowledge is essentially social and contextual in its very nature. Straightforward, linear 'transfer' models fail to work. This book provides an alternative 'knowledge mobilization' view, that examines in detail how knowledge is circulated and negotiated among those involved in healthcare, and how it is used to actually transform practice. Building on the collective scholarship of some of the most prominent academics in this area, the chapters explore the dynamics of knowledge mobilization, focusing on the challenges these pose for organization and management and how these challenges can be overcome.


Jacky Swan, Sue Newell, Davide Nicolini: Introduction - Knowledge Mobilization in Healthcare
Theme 1 - Understanding How Managers Mobilize Knowledge
Jacky Swan, Sue Newell, Davide Nicolini: Introduction
1 Gerry McGivern, Sue Dopson, Ewan Ferlie, Chris Bennett, Michael Fischer, Louise Fitzgerald and Jean Ledger: 'Epistemic Fit' and the Mobilization of Management Knowledge in Healthcare
2 Maja Korica and Davide Nicolini: Objects and Monitoring Practices: Understanding CEO's Information Work As Mundane Accomplishment
Theme 2 - Developing Organizational Capabilities for Knowledge Mobilization
Jacky Swan, Sue Newell, Davide Nicolini: Introduction
3 Charlotte Croft and Graeme Currie: Enhancing Absorptive Capacity of Healthcare Organizations: The Case of Commissioning Service Interventions
4 Trish Reay, Kathy GermAnn, Ann Casebeer, Karen Golden-Biddle, C.R. (Bob) Hinings: Creating and Sustaining the Right Kind of Space for Organizational Learning in Primary Health Care
Theme 3 - Mobilizing Knowledge Through Networking
Jacky Swan, Sue Newell, Davide Nicolini: Introduction
5 Eivor Oborn, Karl Prince and Michael Barrett: Knowledge Mobilization Across Inter-organizational Health Care Innovation Partnerships: A Network Ambidexterity Perspective
6 Sue Newell and Marco Marabelli: Knowledge Mobilization in Healthcare Networks: The Power of Everyday Practices
7 Daniela D'Andreta and Harry Scarbrough: Knowledge Mobilization and Network Ambidexterity in a Mandated Healthcare Network: A CLAHRC Case Study
Theme 4 - Mobilizing Knowledge Across Space and Time
Jacky Swan, Sue Newell, Davide Nicolini: Introduction
8 Davide Nicolini, Jeanne Mengis, David Meacheam, Justin Waring and Jacky Swan: Recovering the Performative Role of Innovations in the Global Travel of Healthcare Practices: Is there a Ghost in the Machine?
9 Maxine Robertson and Jacky Swan: Mobilizing Knowledge in the Ecology of Healthcare Innovation
Jacky Swan, Sue Newell, Davide Nicolini: Conclusion - Moving On...


Jacky Swan is Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, joint founder and Co-Director of the IKON Research Centre. Her research links innovation and networking to processes of creating, sharing and managing knowledge in complex organizational contexts, including healthcare. She recently completed a major funded study of the use of evidence-based knowledge in healthcare commissioning management. ; Sue Newell is Professor of Information Systems and Management and Head of the Department of Business and Management, at Sussex University. She has a BSc and PhD from Cardiff University, UK. Sue's research focuses on understanding the relationships between innovation, knowledge and organizational networking, primarily from an organizational theory perspective. ; Davide Nicolini is Professor of Organization Studies, as well as co-Director of the IKON research centre, both at Warwick Business School, University of Warwick. Widely published in major international journals, his current research focuses on the development of the practice-based approach and its application to phenomena such as knowing, collaboration, innovation and change in organizations.