The Oxford Handbook of Music Revival

ISBN : 9780190618810

Caroline Bithell; Juniper Hill
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Revival movements aim to revitalize traditions perceived as threatened or moribund by adapting them to new temporal, spatial, and social contexts. While many of these movements have been well-documented in Western Europe and North America,those occurring and recurring elsewhere in the world have received little or no attention. Particularly under-analyzed are the aftermaths of revivals: the new infrastructures, musical styles, performance practices, subcultural communities, and value systems that grow out of these movements. The Oxford Handbook of Music Revival fills this gap, and helps us achieve a deeper understanding of how and why musical pasts are reimagined and transfigured in modern-day postindustrial, postcolonial, and postwar contexts. The book's thirty chapters present innovative theoretical perspectives illustrated through new ethnographic case studies on diverse music and dance cultures around the world. Together these essays reveal the potency of acts of revival, resurgence, restoration, and renewal in shaping musical landscapes and transforming social experience. The book makes a powerful argument for the untapped potential of revival as a productive analytical tool in contemporary, global contexts. With its detailed treatment of authenticity, recontextualization, transmission, institutionalization, globalization, the significance of history, and other key concerns, the collection engages with critical issues far beyond the field of revival studies and is crucial for understanding contemporary manifestations of folk, traditional, and heritage music in today's postmodern cosmopolitan societies.


Table of Contents
I. Towards Multiple Theories of Music Revival
1. An Introduction to Music Revival as Concept, Cultural Process, and Medium of Change
Juniper Hill and Caroline Bithell
2. Traditional Music, Heritage Music
Owe Ronstrom
3. An Expanded Theory for Revivals as Cosmopolitan Participatory Musicmaking
Tamara Livingston

II. Scholars and Collectors as Revival Agents
4. Antiquarian Nostalgia and the Institutionalization of Early Music
John Haines
5. A Folklorist's Exploration of the Revival Metaphor
Neil V. Rosenberg
6. A Participant-Documentarian in the American Instrumental Folk Music Revival
Alan Jabbour

III. Intangible Cultural Heritage, Preservation, and Policy
7. Reviving Korean Identity through Intangible Cultural Heritage
Keith Howard
8. Music Revival, Ca Tru Ontologies and Intangible Cultural Heritage in Vietnam
Barley Norton
9. The Hungarian Dance House Movement and Revival of Transylvanian String Band Music
Colin Quigley

IV. National Renaissance and Postcolonial Futures
10. National Purity and Postcolonial Hybridity in India's Kathak Dance Revival
Margaret Walker
11. Choreographic Revival, Elite Nationalism and Regional Appropriation in Senegambia, 1930-2010
Helene Neveu Kringelbach
12. Revived Musical Practices within Uzbekistan's Evolving National Project
Tanya Merchant
13. Two Revivalist Moments in Iranian Classical Music
Laudan Nooshin
14. Reclaiming Choctaw and Chickasaw Cultural Identity through Music Revival
Victoria Levine

V. Recovery from War, Disaster, and Cultural Devastation
15. Revivalist Articulations of Traditional Music in War and Post-War Croatia
Naila Ceribasi?
16. Cultural Rescue and Musical Revival among the Nicaraguan Garifuna
Annemarie Gallaugher
17. Toward a Methodology for Research into the Revival of Musical Life after War, Natural Disaster, Bans on all Music, or Neglect
Margaret Kartomi

VI. Innovations and Transformations
18. Innovation and Cultural Activism through the Re-imagined Pasts of Finnish Music Revivals
Juniper Hill
19. Revival Currents and Innovation on the Path from Protest Bossa to Tropicalia
Denise Milstein
20. Bending or Breaking the Native American Flute Tradition?
Paula Conlon
21. Towards an Application of Globalization Paradigms to Modern Folk Music Revivals
Britta Sweers

VII. Festivals, Marketing, and Media
22. Contemporary English Folk Music and the Folk Industry
Simon Keegan-Phipps and Trish Winter
23. Ivana Kupala (St. John's Eve) Revivals as Metaphors of Sexual Morality, Fertility, and Contemporary Ukrainian Femininity
Adriana Helbig
24. Trailing Images and Culture Branding in Post-Renaissance Hawai'i
Jane Freeman Moulin
25. Grassroots Revitalization of North American and Western European Instrumental Music Traditions from Fiddlers Associations to Cyberspace
Richard Blaustein

VIII. Diaspora and the Global Village
26. Georgian Polyphony and its Journeys from National Revival to Global Heritage
Caroline Bithell
27. Irish Music Revivals Through Generations of Diaspora
Sean Williams
28. Reviving the Reluctant Art of Iranian Dance in Iran and in the American Diaspora
Anthony Shay
29. Musical Remembrance, Exile, and the Remaking of South African Jazz (1960-1979)
Carol Ann Muller
30. Re-flections
Mark Slobin


Caroline Bithell is Senior Lecturer in Ethnomusicology at the University of Manchester, UK. Her work on Corsican music has appeared across a range of edited volumes and journals. Her first monograph, Transported by Song: Corsican Voices from Oral Tradition to World Stage, was published by Scarecrow Press (2007). Her edited collection, The Past in Music, appeared as a special issue of the journal Ethnomusicology Forum (2007). Her new monograph, A Different Voice, A Different Song: Reclaiming Community through the Natural Voice and World Song, is published by Oxford University Press (2014). Her current research focuses on Georgian polyphony, intangible cultural heritage, and cultural tourism.; Juniper Hill is Lecturer in Music at University College Cork, Ireland, and Research Associate at the University of Cambridge, UK. The recipient of two Fulbright Fellowships, a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship, an Alexander Von Humboldt Fellowship, and a University of California Faculty Fellowship, she has conducted fieldwork in Finland, South Africa, the United States, and Ecuador. She has published in the journals Ethnomusicology, Ethnomusicology Forum, Musiikin Suunta, Pacific Review of Ethnomusicology, Revue de Musicologie, and Yearbook for Traditional Music as well as in edited volumes such as Musical Imaginations (OUP 2012). Her monograph Becoming Creative: Insights from Musicians in a Diverse World is forthcoming from Oxford University Press.