Enhancing Sexuality: A Problem-Solving Approach to Treating Dysfunction (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780195315080

John P. Wincze
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216 x 278 mm
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At some point in life, almost all men and women have a problem with sexual functioning. If you are looking for solutions to sexual problems, this workbook can help. You may use it in conjunction with visits to a qualified mental health professional or on your own, with or without your partner. This workbook gives you correct information about sex and offers information, advice, and practical suggestions for common sexual problems. From this book, you will learn to improve and enjoy your sexual relations. Divided into three parts, this workbook presents a comprehensive program for solving sexual problems. Part I includes basic information that is helpful for understanding sexual problems and sexual functioning in general. Part II addresses specific sexual problems and provides information and strategies to alleviate and overcome them. Finally, Part III focuses on information and strategies to help you maintain the gains you've made. Exercises for couples, chapter review quizzes, and user-friendly worksheets can be found throughout the workbook and will help you increase your knowledge and understanding of sex and sexual relationships. The information presented is based on research and has helped thousands of people like you, and their partners, solve sexual problems and prevent them from occurring again.


Part I Basic Information for Understanding Sexual Functioning
1. Introduction
2. Understanding Your Sexuality
3. Physical Factors That Affect Sexual Functioning
4. Common Factors to Consider for all Sexual Problems
Part II Information about Sexual Problems and How to Overcome Them
5. Problems With Sexual Desire
6. Problems With Sexual Arousal
7. Problems With Ejaculation in Men and With Orgasm in Men and Women
8. Problems With Pain and Discomfort During Sexual Relations
Part III Putting a Program Together to Improve your Sexual Functioning
9. The Relationship With a Sexual Partner as the First Step in Treatment
10. Working With a Partner to Master Your Sexual Problem
11. Mastering Your Sexual Problem
12. Continuing Progress and Preventing Relapse
13. Maintaining Gains and Preventing Relapse
Common Sexual Myths
Answers to Chapter Review Questions
Suggested Readings


John P. Wincze is Professor, Department of Psychology, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.