The Economy of Odisha: A Profile

ISBN : 9780199464784

Pulin Nayak; Santosh Panda; Prasanta Pattanaik
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In a diverse country like India, the level of economic development in different states differs widely, owing to varied economic structures and historical experiences. This book presents a comprehensive account of the economy of Odisha, one of the lesser developed states of the country. The chapters in the book have been contributed by 26 academic researchers, each dealing with a different aspect of Odishas economy. Covering various sectors like agriculture, industries, mining, transportation, education, and health, the book provides detailed factual information about the states economy and specific problems such as poverty and malnutrition that continue to affect the states development. Providing a critique of the strategy of development that has been pursued in the state in the recent years, the book discusses the recent growth experience of Odisha and the impact of fiscal adjustments within the state.


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Pulin B. Nayak, Santosh C. Panda, and Prasanta K. Pattanaik

Part I. Agriculture
2.Emerging trends in cropping pattern, crop diversification, and agricultural productivity
Kailas Sarap and Partha P. Sahu
3.Land ownership and tenancy
Sarthak Gaurav and Srijit Mishra
4.Rural unemployment and agricultural wages: Analysis of major trends and policy options
Raj Kishore Panda

Part II. Industries, mining, transportation, and power
5.Industry: Evolution, policy, and performance
Adwait Mohanty
6.Mining and Odishas economy
Amarendra Das and Satyananda Acharya
7.Transportation and power
Satya P. Das

PART III. Forests, water, and natural disasters
8.Water and forest resources in economic development
Padmaja Mishra
9.Economics of natural disasters
Saudamini Das

Part IV. Education, health, and poverty
10.Educational outcomes: Trends and issues
Narayan Chandra Nayak, Sharmita Dhar, and Pratap Kumar Mahakur
11.Health and healthcare
Himanshu Sekhar Rout and Abhash Kumar Hota
12.Dimensions of poverty and prospects of economic change
Baidyanath Misra
13.Malnutrition and food insecurity
Manoj Panda
14.Tribal movements and livelihoods: Recent developments
Sakti Padhi and Nilakantha Panigrahi
Part V. State finances and the planning strategy of the state government
15.The impact of fiscal adjustments in Odisha
Tapas K. Sen and Sarit Kumar Rout
16.A perspective on Odishas recent development paradigm
Prabhat Patnaik
17.Some Political Constraints on Economic Development
Pulin B. Nayak, Santosh C. Panda, and Prasanta K. Pattanaik

About the Editors and Contributors


Pulin B. Nayak: Retired Professor, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, New Delhi; Santosh C. Panda: Professor and Dean, Faculty of Economics, South Asian University, New Delhi; Prasanta K. Pattanaik: Professor emeritus and professor of the graduate division, University of California, Riverside, USA