The Oxford Handbook of Modern Chinese Literatures

ISBN : 9780199383313

Carlos Rojas; Andrea Bachner
952 ページ
171 x 248 mm
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With over forty original essays, The Oxford Handbook of Modern Chinese Literatures offers an in-depth engagement with the current analytical methodologies and critical practices that are shaping the field in the twenty-first century. Divided into three sections-Structure, Taxonomy, Methodology-the volume carefully moves across approaches, genres, and forms to address a rich range topics that include popular culture in Late Qing China; Zhang Guangyu's Journey to the West in Cartoons; writings of Southeast Asian migrants in Taiwan; the Chinese Anglophone Novel; and depictions of HIV/AIDS in Chu T'ien-wen's Notes of a Desolate Man.


Introduction: The Limits of Wen (?)

Part I: Structure
1.1 Kirk Denton-Lu Xun, Returning Home, and May Fourth Modernity
1.2 Ping-hui Liao-Travels in Modern China: From Zhang Taiyan to Gao Xingjian
1.3 XIA Xiaohong-The Construction of the Modern Chinese Concept of Xiju (drama)
1.4 Nathaniel Isaacson-Orientalism, Scientific Practice and Popular Culture in Late Qing China
1.5 CHEN Pingyuan-The Story of Literary History
1.6 Andrea Bachner-The Secrets of Language: Chen Li's Sinographic Anagrams
1.7 Michael Hill-On Not Knowing: Translation, Knowledge Work, and Modern Literature
1.8 MEI Chia-ling-Voice and the Quest for Modernity in Chinese Literature
1.9 Shelby Chan, Gilbert Fong-Hongkong-Speak: Cantonese and Rupert Chan's Translated Theater
1.10 Xiaomei Chen-Singing The Internationale: From the Red Silk Road to the Red Classics
1.11 John Crespi-Beyond Satire: The Pictorial Imagination of Zhang Guangyu's 1945 Journey to the West in Cartoons
1.12 Laikwan Pang-The Allegory of Time and Space: Tian Han's Historical Dramas in the Great Leap Forward Period
1.13 YAN Lianke-An Examination of China's Censorship System
1.14 Jie Li-Are our drawers empty?: Nie Gannu's Dossier Literature
1.15 Junning Fu-A Dream of Returning to 1997: The Phenomenology of Chinese Web Fantasy Literature

Part II: Taxonomy
2.1 David Porter-Early Modern: Comparative Approaches to Literary Early Modernity
2.2 Xiaojue Wang-Borders and Borderlands Narratives in Cold War China
2.3 Xiaofei Tian-Hao Ran and the Cultural Revolution
2.4 Matthew Fraleigh-At the Borders of Chinese Literature: Poetic Exchange in the Nineteenth-Century Sinosphere
2.5 Kwok Kou Leonard Chan-Sense of Place and Urban Images: Reading Hong Kong in Hong Kong Poetry
2.6 Yvonne Sung-sheng Chang-Wartime Taiwan: Epitome of an East Asian Modality of the Modern Literary Institution?
2.7 CHANG Cheng and LIAO Yun-chang- Song of Exile, Four-Way Voice: The Blood-and-Sweat Writings of Southeast Asian Migrants in Taiwan
2.8 Shuang Shen-Where the Trans-Pacific meets Chinese Literature
2.9 Belinda Kong-Xiaolu Guo and the Contemporary Chinese Anglophone Novel
2.10 Mark Bender-Poet of the Late Summer Corn: Aku Wuwu and Contemporary Yi Poetry
2.11 JI Jin-Literary Translation and Modern Chinese Literature
2.12 Chris Hamm-Genre in Modern Chinese Fiction: Righteous Heroes of Modern Times
2.13 Mingwei Song-Representations of the Invisible: Chinese Science Fiction in the Twenty-First Century
2.14 Rey Chow-Leung Ping-kwan: Shuqing and Reveries of Space
2.15 Nick Admussen-Genre Occludes the Creation of Genre: Bing Xin, Tagore, and Prose Poetry

Part III: Methodology
3.1 David Der-wei Wang-Chinese Literary Thought in Modern Times: Three Encounters
3.2 Jianmei Liu-Gao Xingjian: The Triumph of the Modern Zhuangzi
3.3 Haun Saussy and GE Zhaoguang-Historiography in the Chinese Twentieth Century
3.4 Yingjin Zhang-Structure and Rupture in Literary History and Historiography
3.5 Viren Murthy-Reading Lu Xun's Early Essays in Relation to Marxism
3.6 WANG Hui-Intuition, Repetition, and Revolution: Six Moments in the Life of Ah Q
3.7 Chaoyang Liao-From Shame to Freedom: Undoing Spectral Identity in Li Ang's Seeing Ghosts
3.8 Ban Wang-Passion and Politics in Revolution: A Psychoanalytical Reading of Ding Ling
3.9 Tze-lan Sang-Eileen Chang and the Genius Art of Failure
3.10 Eng Kiong (EK) Tan-From Exile to Queer Homecoming: Chen Xue's A Wife's Diary
3.11 Karen Thornber-Care, Vulnerability, Resilience: Ecologies of HIV/AIDS in Chinese Literature
3.12 Brian Bernards-Malaysia as Method: Xiao Hei and Ethno-Linguistic Literary Taxonomy
3.13 Chien-hsin Tsai-A Distant Shore: Migration, Intextuation, and Postloyalism in Chia Joo Ming's Ambon Vacation
3.14 Carlos Rojas-On Time: Anticipatory Nostalgia in Dung Kai-Cheung's Fiction

Conclusion: Chinese Literatures in Conjunction


Carlos Rojas is Associate Professor of Chinese Cultural Studies, Women's Studies, and Arts of the Moving Image at Duke University. He is the author of The Great Wall: A Cultural History. Andrea Bachner is Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at Cornell University.