Neurobiology of Addictions

ISBN : 9780199367894

Alan C. Swann; Gerard F. Moeller; Marijn Lijffijt
376 ページ
156 x 235 mm

Neurobiology of Addiction highlights some of the most promising research areas of the rapidly expanding field of addiction. It will be useful as a practical tool for clinicians, research investigators, and trainees-both in addiction and in other illnesses with overlapping mechanisms-as well as an informative resource for non-technical readers who are interested in addiction or mental health policy. The editors have combined their areas of expertise to provide a unique perspective into the prevention and treatment of addictive disorders. Their approach addresses addiction in the broader context of behavioral processes and survival-related adaptations, focusing on its neurobiological precursors and drawing parallels between addictions and other recurrent or progressive psychiatric disorders. The book also emphasizes resilience, clinical contexts of addictive behavior, and treatment strategies that target its underlying neurobiological mechanisms.


1. Beyond Drugs: Addictions in the Context of Recurrent/Progressive Psychiatric Illness
Alan C. Swann
2. Behavioral Mechanisms in Addiction
Margaret C. Wardle, Jin H. Yoon, Anka A. Vujanovic, Michael F. Weaver, Scott D. Lane, and Joy M. Schmitz
3. The biology of nicotine addiction and factors that differentiate youth who smoke from those who do not
Felicia R. Carey and Anna V. Wilkinson
4. Resilience and Opiate Misuse
Sameer Hassamal, Divya Ramesh, and F. Gerard Moeller
5. Alcohol-Related Disorders: Adaptations and Progression to Disordered Drinking
Therese A Kosten, Colin Haile, Marijn Lijffijt, and Alan C. Swann
6. The Neurobiology of Behavioral Sensitization
Jeffery D. Steketee
7. Stress and Addiction
Marijn Lijffijt
8. The Neurobiology of Behavioral Addictions: Sexual Addiction
Donald L. Hilton, Jr., Stefanie Carnes, and Todd L. Love
9. Norepinephrine as a therapeutic target for cocaine-use disorder
Colin N. Haile, Thomas F. Newton, and Thomas R. Kosten
10. Cannnabis, endocannabinoids, and mechanisms of addiction
Christopher Rodgman and Christopher D. Verrico
11. Cocaine addiction therapy pharmacogenetics
David A. Nielsen
12. Increasing the Information Yield from Clinical Trials in Addictions:
Bayesian Statistics, Adaptive Designs, and Biomarker Evaluation
Charles Green, Robert Suchting, Nuvan Rathnayaka, Margaret C. Wardle, and Joy M. Schmitz
13. Mechanisms of Sensitization to Stress, Affective Episodes, and Abused Substances: Implications for Treatment and Prevention
Robert M. Post


Professor Alan C. SwannProfessor and Vice-Chair for Research and Co-Director, Center of Excellence on Mood Disorders, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, the University of Texas Health Science Center at HoustonProfessor F. Gerard MoellerProfessor and Vice-Chair for Translational Research and Director of the Center for Neurobehavioral Research on Addictions, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston