Uncertain Futures: Essays About the Irish Past for Roy Foster

ISBN : 9780198748274

Senia Paseta
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This volume has been produced to mark the retirement of Roy Foster from the Carroll Professorship of Irish history at the University of Oxford, and to mark his extraordinary career as a historian, literary critic, and public intellectual. It consists of twenty three essays contributed by many of the leading historians of modern Ireland, including scholars whose work has influenced Roy Foster's own research, leading Irish historians who have influenced and have been influenced by Foster, and younger scholars who were supervised and/or mentored by Roy and whose work he greatly admires. Essays chart Foster's career while reflecting on developments in the field of Irish history writing, teaching, and research since the 1970s. Focussing on the history of Ireland since 1800, these essays cover a wide spectrum of topics and ideas including aspects of the Irish land question, generational and intellectual tensions, political biography, and social and cultural change.


Senia Paseta: Introduction: Uncertain Futures: Essays about the Irish Past for Roy Foster

Part I
1 Tom Dunne: RFF: A Writing Life
2 Marianne Elliot: Roy Foster, an Irish Historian in Britain
3 Toby Barnard: Roy Foster and Oxford

Part II
4 R. V. Comerford: The Impediments to Freehold Ownership of Land and the Character of the Irish Land War
5 K. Theodore Hoppen: 'When the gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers': British Politicians and the Transformation of Rural Society in Nineteenth-Century Ireland
6 Marie-Louise Jennings: Gladstone and Ireland: the Peril of the Intellectual
7 Marc Mulholland: Land War Homicides
8 Paul Bew: The Parnell Churchill Nexus: Arthur Baumann, Winston Churchill and Roy Foster
9 Ben Levitas: A Temper of Misgiving: W. B. Yeats and the Ireland of Synge's Time
10 Hermione Lee: Breaking Faith: Elizabeth Bowen and disloyalties
11 Colin W. Reid: Between the Redmondite and Revolutionary Generations: Denis Gwynn in Old and New Ireland
12 Caoimhe Nic Dhaibheid: Fighting their Fathers' Fight: The Post-Revolutionary Generation in Independent Ireland
13 Charles Townshend: Force, Law, and the Irish Revolution
14 Tim Wilson: The Strange Death of Loyalist Monaghan, 1912-1921
15 Lauren Arrington: Feeding the Cats: Yeats and Pound at Rapallo, 1928
16 Matthew Kelly: 'Sense and shite': Roddy Doyle, Roy Foster and the Past History of the Future
17 Ultan Gillen: Theobald Wolfe Tone and the Common Name of Irishman in 1960s Ireland
18 Erika Hanna: 'There's no banshee now': Absence and Loss in Twentieth-Century Dublin
19 Ian McBride: Provisional Truths: IRA Memoirs and the Peace Process
20 Richard English: Seminars and Shootings: Politics, History, and University Teaching in Belfast
21 Alvin Jackson: Shamrock and Saltire: Irish Home Rule, Independence and the Scottish Referendum, 1914-2014
22 David Fitzpatrick: Words and Irish History: an Experiment


Senia Paseta is a historian of modern Ireland with a particular interest in the history of education, religious identity formation, political movements, and ideas in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. She has published widely on the development of a Catholic university elite in pre-independence Ireland and on a number of aspects of women's history, including the history of feminism and women's education in Ireland. Her more recent book, Irish Nationalist Women, 1900-1918 (2013), explored how politically active women worked within broader nationalist and feminist contexts during a volatile period of Irish history.