Seventeenth-Century Fiction: Text and Transmission

ISBN : 9780198737261

Jacqueline Glomski; Isabelle Moreau
240 ページ
153 x 234 mm

In the past few years, discussion of fiction in all sorts of media has intensified. The prominence of literary critics has increased, the awarding of lucrative book prizes has become more publicized, and reports of the formation of reading groups have proliferated. Seventeenth-Century Fiction: Text & Transmission responds to the present interest in the novel by offering a fresh approach to the history of early modern fiction that shifts away from the outmoded 'rise-of-the-novel' perspective and reaches beyond the boundaries of a single national literature. Starting from the literary text and looking outwards, this volume focuses on the changes in prose forms and their usage at a critical point in the evolution of modern fiction, and comes to grips with the instabilities of the novel and novella during this period. It explores the nature of seventeenth-century fiction and examines how authors fused fictional and non-fictional materials to create new, hybrid genres. Furthermore, it takes into consideration the cultural interchange between different geographical regions and languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Neo-Latin), and uncovers the deeper roots of seventeenth-century literary innovation, by casting light on the Continental influences on the formation of the English novel and on the role played by women's writings at the time. This landmark volume not only contributes to a more comprehensive history of the novel but promotes an authentic appreciation of early modern fiction.


List of Figures
List of Contributors
Isabelle Moreau: Introduction
Part I: Text
1 Nandini Das: Romance and the Reinvention of Wonder in the Early Seventeenth Century
2 Thibaut Maus de Rolley: The English Afterlife of a French Magician: The Life and Death of Lewis Gaufredy (1612)
3 Jacqueline Glomski: Politics and Passion: Fact and Fiction in Barclay s argenis
4 Nicolas Correard: Criti-Comic Demonology: Picaresque Novels, Histoires Comiques, and the Supernatural
5 Camille Esmein-Sarrazin: Fact and Fiction in the Works of Madame de Lafayette: A Poetics of Secrets and Gossip
Part II: Transmission
6 Warren Boutcher: Transnational Cervantes: Text, Performance, and Transmission in the World of Don Quixote
7 Brenda M. Hosington: Fact and Fiction in Susan Du Verger s Translations of Jean-Pierre Camus s Les Euenemens singuliers, Les Relations morales, and Diotrephe. Histoire Valentine
8 Alice Eardley: Marketing Aspiration: Fact, Fiction, and the Publication of French Romance in Mid-Seventeenth-Century England
9 Helen Moore: Admirable Inventions: Francis Kirkman and the Translation of Romance in the 1650s
10 Guyda Armstrong: From Boccaccio to the Incogniti: The Cultural Politics of the Italian Tale in English Translation in the Seventeenth Century
11 Ros Ballaster: Bring(ing) Forth Alive the Conceptions of the Brain : The Transmission of French to English Fiction between Stage and Page


Dr Jacqueline Glomski is Senior Research Fellow in the Department of History at King's College London.; Dr Isabelle Moreau is Reader in Early Modern Studies at University College London.