An Introduction to Primate Conservation

ISBN : 9780198703389

Serge A. Wich; Andrew John Marshall
368 ページ
189 x 246 mm

The number of primates on the brink of extinction continues to grow, and the need to respond with effective conservation measures has never been greater. This book provides a comprehensive and state-of-the-art synthesis of research principles and applied management practices for primate conservation. It begins with a consideration of the biological, intellectual, economic, and ecological importance of primates and a summary of the threats that they face, before going on to consider these threats in more detail with chapters on habitat change, trade, hunting, infectious diseases, and climate change. Potential solutions in the form of management practice are examined in detail, including chapters on conservation genetics, protected areas, and translocation. An Introduction to Primate Conservation brings together an international team of specialists with wide-ranging expertise across primate taxa. This is an essential textbook for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and established researchers in the fields of primate ecology and conservation biology. It will also be a valuable reference for conservation practitioners, land managers, and professional primatologists worldwide.


1 Serge Wich & Andrew J. Marshall: An introduction to primate conservation
2 Andrew J. Marshall & Serge A. Wich: Why conserve primates?
3 Alison Cotton, Fay Clark, Jean P. Boubli & Christoph Schwitzer: IUCN Red List of Threatened Primate Species
4 Colin Groves: Species concepts and conservation
5 Milena Salgado Lynn, Pierfrancesco Sechi, Lounes Chikhi & Benoit Goossens: Primate conservation genetics at the dawn of conservation genomics
6 Genevieve Campbell, Josephine Head, Jessica Junker & Anna K.I. Nekaris: Primate abundance and distribution: Background concepts and methods
7 Mitchell Irwin: Habitat Change: Loss, Fragmentation and Degradation
8 Vincent Nijman & Aoife Healy: Present-day international primate trade in historical context
9 John E. Fa & Nikki Tagg: Hunting and primate conservation
10 Charles L. Nunn & Thomas R. Gillespie: Infectious disease and primate conservation
11 Amanda H. Korstjens & Alyson Hillyer: Primates and climate change: a review of current knowledge
12 David Gaveau, Serge A. Wich, & Andrew J. Marshall: Are protected areas conserving primate habitat in Indonesia?
13 Erik Meijaard: The role of multifunctional landscapes in primate conservation
14 Tatyana Humle & Catherine Hill: People-primate interactions: implications for primate conservation
15 Benjamin B. Beck: The role of translocation in primate conservation
16 John Garcia-Ulloa & Lian Pin Koh: Payment for ecosystem services: the role of REDD+ in primate conservation
17 Sandra Tranquilli: The role of evidence-based conservation in improving primate conservation
18 Andrew J. Marshall & Serge A. Wich: Some future directions for primate conservation research