The Oxford Handbook of New Religious Movements: Volume II

ISBN : 9780190466176

James R. Lewis; Inga Bardsen Tollefsen
544 ページ
171 x 248 mm
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The study of New Religious Movements (NRMs) is one of the fastest-growing areas of religious studies, and since the release of the first volume of The Oxford Handbook of New Religious Movements in 2003, the field has continued to expand and break new ground. In this second volume, contributors from the fields of sociology and religious studies address an expanded range of topics, covering traditional religious studies topics such as "scripture," "charisma," and "ritual," and also applying new theoretical approaches to NRM topics. Other chapters cover understudied topics in the field, such as the developmental patterns of NRMs and subcultural considerations in the study of NRMs. Divided into five sections, the first part of this book examines NRMs from a social-scientific perspective, particularly that of sociology. In the second section, the primary factors that have put the study of NRMs on the map, controversy and conflict, are considered. The third section investigates common themes within the field of NRMs, while the fourth examines the approaches that religious studies researchers have taken to NRMs. As NRM Studies has grown, subfields such as Esotericism, New Age Studies, and neo-Pagan Studies have grown as distinct and individual areas of study, and the final section of the book investigates these emergent fields.


List of Contributors
Introduction - James R. Lewis and Inga B. Tollefsen, Eds.

PART I - Social-Scientific Approaches
1. Categorizing Religious Organizations: In Search of a Theoretically Meaningful Strategy - David G. Bromley
2. Conversion - George D. Chryssides
3. Charisma and Authority in New Religious Movements - Erin Prophet, Rice University,
4. Disaffiliation and New Religious Movements - Sean Currie
5. Seekers and Subcultures - James R. Lewis
6. Quantitative Approaches to New Religions - Margrethe Loov
7. Psychology and New Religious Movements - John A. Saliba
8. As It Was in the Beginning: Developmental Moments in the Emergence of New Religions - David Bromley

PART II - Controversy
9. The North American Anti-Cult Movement - Anson Shupe
10. The Christian Countercult Movement - Douglas E. Cowan
11. Legal Dimensions of New Religions - James T. Richardson
12. Brainwashing and Cultic Mind Control - James R. Lewis
13. From Jonestown to 9/11 and Beyond: Mapping the Contours of Violence and New Religious Movements - Rebecca Moore
14. Conspiracy Theories and New Religious Movements - Asbjorn Dyrendal
15. Satanic Ritual Abuse - James R. Lewis
16. Cult Journalism - Nicole S. Ruskell & James R. Lewis

PART III - Themes
17. Invention in 'New New' Religions - Carole M. Cusack
18. Children in New Religions - Sanja Nilsson
19. Media, Technology, and New Religious Movements: A Review of the Field - Shannon Schorey
20. New Religions and Science - Jeremy Rapport
21. Gender and New Religions - Inga Tollefsen
22. Sex and New Religions - Megan Goodwin
23. Occulture and Everyday Enchantment - Chris Partridge

PART IV - Religious Studies Approaches
24. Rituals and Ritualization in New Religions - Mikael Rothstein
25. The Mythic Dimensions of New Religious Movements: Function, Reality Construction, and Process - Diana Tumminia
26. Religious Experiences in New Religious Movements - Olav Hammer
27. New Religious Movements and Scripture - Eugene Gallagher
28. Material Religion - Jessica Moberg
29. Hagiography: A Note on the Narrative Exaltation of Sect Leaders and Heads of New Religions - Mikael Rothstein
30. Millennialism: New Religious Movements and the Quest for a New Age - Jean-Francois Mayer

PART V - Subfields of Study
31. What Does God need with a Starship? UFOs and Extraterrestrials in the Contemporary Religious Landscape - Erik Ostling
32. Late Modern Shamanism in a Norwegian Context: Global Networks - Local Grounds - Trude Fonneland
33. Modern Religious Satanism: A Negotiation of Tensions - Jesper Aagaard Petersen & Cimminnee Holt
34. Western Esotericism and New Religious Movements - Henrik Bogdan
35 The New Age - Liselotte Frisk, Ingvild Saelid Gilhus & Siv Ellen Kraft
36. The Study of Paganism and Wicca: A Review Essay - Kaarina Aitamurto & Scott Simpson
37. Native American Prophet Religions - James R. Lewis & Ellen Dobrowolski


James R. Lewis is Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Tromso (Norway). He currently co-edits three book series and is the general editor for the Alternative Spirituality and Religion Review. Recent publications include: (with Henrik Bogdan) Sexuality and New Religious Movements (2014), (with Carole Cusack) Sacred Suicide (2014), (with Bengt-Ove Andressen) Textbook Gods (2014), Sects & Stats: Overturning the Conventional Wisdom about Cult Members (2014), (with Siv Ellen Kraft and Trude Fonneland) Nordic Neoshamanisms (2015), and (with Inga Bardsen Tollefsen) The Brill Handbook of Nordic New Religions (2015).; Inga Bardsen Tollefsen is a PhD student at the University of Tromso (Norway). Her main research interest is NRMs and gender, and her thesis work focuses on gender in the Mata Amritanandamayi Mission, as well as other Hindu-inspired global meditation movements. She has published several articles on the Art of Living Foundation, and she is a co-editor of several anthologies, such as Nordic New Religions (with James R. Lewis), and Female Leaders in New Religious Movements (with Christian Giudice).