Success in Seminars and Tutorials: A Guide for Social Science Students

ISBN : 9780199020904

Sukhvinder Obhi
272 ページ
279 x 210 mm

Success in Seminars and Tutorials is the first and only guide to improving academic performance that is specifically designed for social science seminars and tutorials. Combining coverage of writing, presenting, group work, and time management, this practical resource is full of need-to-know information for students at any point of their undergraduate degree who are aspiring to continue on to graduate studies. Success in Seminars and Tutorials is written in a clear, accessible manner and succinctly lays out what instructors expect from students so that they can achieve academic success. Including quick tips for accomplishing higher grades, helpful summaries of important points, numerous examples and advice, and a sample presentation and research paper, this guide is indispensable for any student pursuing an education in communications, sociology, anthropology, political science, or psychology.


Preface and Acknowledgements
1 Introduction to Success in Seminars and Tutorials
2 Preparing Presentations
The Most Fear-Inducing Part of a University Course?
Common Types of Presentations
Presenting a Research Paper from the Literature
A Quick Note on Research Proposal Presentations
Planning Your Presentation
Mind Mapping for Success
Designing the Presentation
Putting the Slides Together
Practice, Practice, PracticeELand Practice Some More!
Recommended Further Reading
3 Delivering Presentations
If I Had a Penny for Every I'm Sick Email I've Received on Presentation DayELI'd Be Rich!
Remember Your Goal for the Talk
Presentation Style
Get Inspired
Coping with Nerves
Leading and Contributing to Group Discussions
Recommended Further Reading
4 Writing a Paper
Writing as a Vehicle for Idea Transmission
Written Papers in Seminars and Tutorials
The Personal Nature of Writing
Researching, Planning, and Structuring a Paper
An Overview of the Funnel Method
A Note on Referencing and Use of Unbiased Language
Proofreading and Editing
Recommended Further Reading
5 Group Work
Playing Well with Others
Forming a Group
The Emergence of Roles in Newly Formed Groups
Everyone Wants to Play a Leading Role....and if It's Done Right, They Can!
Group Ethos Co-operate, Don't Compete
Structuring Group Meetings
Common Pitfalls of Group Thought and Decision Making
Conflict in Groups and Working with Difficult Group Members
A Quick Word about Culture
Recommended Further Reading
6 Planning and Time Management
Time Never Comes Back: Plan to Use It Effectively!
A Quick Preview
Knowing Yourself and Defining Your Goals
From Long-Term Goals to Concrete Actions
The Pitfalls of To-Do Lists
Scheduling: Deciding How to Use Your Time
Putting Things into the Calendar
Something You Cannot Do Without: Daily and Weekly Reviews
The Beauty of Extended Cognition
Something Else You Cannot Do Without: Constant Access to Your Organizational Information
The Importance of Brainstorming for Project Planning
Can You Be Creative on Demand?
Planning and Scheduling Are Half the Equation
the Other Half Is Doing!
Other Things You May Find Helpful
Recommended Further Reading
Appendix 1: Sample Presentation
Appendix 2: Sample Research Paper