Diversity and Social Work in Canada

ISBN : 9780199007066

Alean Al-Krenawi; John R. Graham; Nazim Habibov
464 ページ
229 x 178 mm

Oxford Journals names article written by Alean Al-Krenawi and John Graham most cited in the field of Health and Social Work. Diversity and Social Work in Canada explores the question of how the social work profession can effectively address growing diversity among Canadians today. In this contributed volume, twenty-six academic experts offer cutting-edge insight into such essential topic as cultural competence, anti-oppression, experiential phenomenological approaches to identity, intersectionality of multiple forms of diversity, and localization of social work practice. Combining theoretical coverage with practical examples, Diversity and Social Work in Canada gives students and practitioners the foundation they need to develop effective skills and strategies for working with diverse individuals and groups.


Preface and Acknowledgments
Part 1 Theoretical Approaches to Social Work and Diversity
1. Introduction: Social Work and Diversity (Alean Al-Krenawi, John R. Graham, and Nazim Habibov)
2. Whiteout: Still Looking for Race in Canadian Social Work Practice (June Ying Yee and Gary C. Dumbrill)
3. Foundations of Anti-racism and Anti-oppression in Social Work Practice (Gordon Pon, Sulaimon Giwa, and Narda Razack)
Part 2 Social Work in Diverse Settings
4. Experiential Phenomenology: Multicultural Social Work in Clinical and Direct Practice Settings (Marie Lacroix)
5. Macro Practice with Diverse Communities: New Challenges for Social Workers (Douglas Durst)
Part 3 Social Work with Diverse Populations
6. Multiple Positionality and Intersectionality: Towards a Dialogical Social Work Approach (Miu Chung Yan)
7. Social Work with Aboriginal Families: A Traditional and Urban Dialectic (Raymond Neckoway and Keith Brownlee)
8. The Franco-Ontarian Community: From Resistance to New Social Solidarities and Economic Challenges (David Welch)
9. Adaptation and Acculturation among New Canadians: Implications for Intergenerational Relations and Social Work Practice (Debashis Dutta and Ross A. Klein)
10. Narratives as Tools in Intercultural Intervention with Immigrant and Refugee Populations (Catherine Montgomery)
11. Spirituality, Religion, and Diversity (Diana Coholic)
12. Social Work and Sexual Diversity: A Review (Christine A. Walsh, Carey Mulligan, and Gio Dolcecore)
13. Reviving and Reshaping Gender in Social Work (Sarah Fotheringham)
14. Working with Individuals with Disabilities and Their Families (Irene Carter)
15. Social Work with Diverse Older Adults (Daniel Lai and Xue Bai)
16. Social Work and Diversity Through an Experiential Lens (Natalie Blake-Noel)
17. Conclusion (Alean Al-Krenawi, John R. Graham, and Nazim Habibov)