The Oxford Movement in Practice: The Tractarian Parochial Worlds from the 1830s to the 1870s

ISBN : 9780198769330

George Herring
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From its inception what came to be known as the Oxford Movement was always intended to be more than just an abstruse dialogue about the theoretical nature of Anglicanism. Instead, it was meant to spread its ideas not only through college common rooms, but also bishop's palaces, and above all the parsonages of the Church of England. The Oxford Movement in Practice presents an analysis of Tractarianism in the generation after Newman's conversion to Roman Catholicism. While much scholarly work has been done on the Oxford Movement between 1833 and 1845, and on a number of specific individuals or aspects of the Movement after this period, this work adopts a different approach. It examines Tractarianism in the parochial setting, and charts the development of the Movement through its influence on the parishes of the Church of England. George Herring offers detailed explanation of the development of ritualism in the 1860's, and shows how the Ritualists diverted the course the Movement had been taking from 1845.


List of Abbreviations
Introduction: The Great Experiment
Part I: The Making of Parochial Tractarianism
1 1 Tractarianism in 1845: Catastrophe or Opportunity?
2 1 Lifting up a Loud Cry: Parochial Tractarianism, a Statistical Survey
Part II: Awakening the Church: Tractarianism in Parochial Practice
3 Living Protests: Priests and their Parishes
4 Christians Receive the Gospel on their Knees
5 Chaste Magnificence: Church Restoration and Ceremonial
6 Heavenly Voices: The Daily Service
7 Holy Mysteries: The Sacraments
8 The Golden Keys: Confession
9 Preparing Souls for God's Glory: Pastoralia
10 The Dislike and Opposition of the World: Opponents
Part III: The Mass in Masquerade: Ritualism
11 Novelties of External Worship
12 A Many-Sided Question: The Sources of Ritualism
13 Teaching by Ear or Eye? Tractarianism and Ritualism
14 Tokens of Eccentricity: Ritualism in Practice
Conclusion: The Seed and the Fruit
Appendix: A Table of Tractarian Clergy from 1840 to 1870