Cases & Materials on EU Law (12nd edition)

ISBN : 9780198748809

Stephen Weatherill
712 ページ
171 x 246 mm

Cases and Materials on EU Law is a highly respected EU law text and the only cases and materials book in the field. With his clear, engaging writing style, Stephen Weatherill presents the main constitutional and substantive areas of EU law alongside the themes and principles that have shaped the development of the EU and its policies. The 12th edition provides a wealth of carefully selected case law alongside engaging extracts and materials to help explain the complexities of EU law in a contextualized and thought-provoking manner. Insightful author notes and questions accompany each extract, providing valuable additional detail to challenge understanding and encourage students to engage critically with the material. This title is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre, providing students with extra learning materials including: - an interactive map of Europe - a timeline of the EU - video footage - a guide to further web resources - a table of equivalences - legal updates - guidance for lecturers on using the book when teaching.


Part I: The Constitutional Law of the EU
1 The evolution of the European Union
2 The sources of the law
3 The nature of Union law: supremacy
4 The enforcement of Union law: 'dual vigilance'
5 The direct effect of directives
6 State liability
7 Article 267: The preliminary reference procedure
8 Judicial control of the institutions of the EU
Part II: Union Trade Law and Policy
9 Law and the economic objectives of the Union
10 Fiscal barriers to trade: Articles 30 and 110 TFEU
11 Physical and technical barriers to trade: Articles 34-36 TFEU
12 Beyond discrimination: Article 34 TFEU
13 The free movement of workers: Article 45 TFEU
14 Freedom of establishment and the free movement of services: Articles 49 and 56 TFEU
15 European citizenship within an area of freedom, security, and justice
16 Competition law and policy
Part III: Policy-Making, Governance, and the Constitutional Debate
17 Harmonization and common policy-making
18 Subsidiarity, flexibility, and new forms of governance
19 What sort of 'Europe'?


Stephen Weatherill is the Jacques Delors Professor of European Law, Deputy Director for European Law at the Institute of European and Comparative Law at the University of Oxford, and a Fellow of Somerville College.