Oxford Textbook of Medicine: Cardiovascular Disorders

ISBN : 9780198717027

David Warrell; Timothy Cox; John D. Firth; Jeremy Dwight
686 ページ
219 x 276 mm

The Oxford Textbook of Medicine: Cardiovascular Disorders is selected from the cardiology section of the renowned Oxford Textbook of Medicine. An authoritative resource on heart disease and beautifully illustrated in full colour, it is an essential guide to best practice in managing and preventing a wide variety of cardiovascular disorders. Chapters on arrhythmias, acute coronary syndromes and cardiac surgery have been completely revised and updated, together with new chapters on blood vessels and the endotheium, cardiac physiology, syncope and palpitations, and cardio-renal syndrome. Heart failure and heart disease in pregnancy are thoroughly treated, while imaging chapters evaluate the latest techniques and illustrate all clinical features with detailed images. In 46 finely crafted chapters with clear essentials, experts in cardiovascular disease review the essentials of diagnosis, guidelines and practice and provide a wealth of practical advice for use in clinical situations. In addition, background information on epidemiology, pathogenesis and pathophysiology encourages a fuller understanding of conditions, and more than 350 full colour images help with diagnosis. This essential reference tool supports all medical professionals seeking a general outline of treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disorders, and fills the gap between undergraduate teaching texts and specialist texts for cardiologists. Cardiologists and general physicians will find it immensely valuable when diagnosing and managing heart disease in their day-to-day practice. It is also of usefor trainees in cardiology and general medicine, especiallythose interested in applied cardiovascular pathophysiology.


16.01.01 Blood vessels and the endothelium
16.01.02 Clinical physiology of the normal heart
16.02.01 Chest pain, breathlessness and fatigue
16.02.02 Syncope and palpitation
16.03.01 Electrocardiography
16.03.02 Echocardiography
16.03.03 Cardiac investigations: nuclear and other imaging techniques
16.03.04 Cardiac catheterisation and angiography
16.04 Cardiac arrhythmias
16.05.01 Cardiac failure - epidemiology & physiology
16.05.02 Acute cardiac failure & pulmonary oedema
16.05.03 Chronic cardiac failure - investigation & management
16.05.04 Cardiorenal syndrome
16.05.05 Cardiac transplantation and mechanical circulatory support
16.06 Heart valve disease
16.07.01 Acute myocarditis
16.07.02 The cardiomyopathies: hypertrophic, dilated, restrictive and right ventricular
16.07.03 Secondary to systemic disorders
16.08 Pericardial disease
16.09.01 Acute rheumatic fever
16.09.02 Infective endocarditis
16.09.03 Cardiac disease in HIV infection
16.09.04 Cardiovascular syphilis
16.10 Tumours of the heart
16.11 Cardiac involvement in genetic disease
16.12 Congenital heart disease in the adult
16.13.01 Biology & pathology of atherosclerosis
16.13.02 Coronary heart disease: epidemiology and prevention
16.13.03 Management of stable angina
16.13.04 Management of acute coronary syndromes
16.13.05 Percutaneous interventional cardiac procedures
16.13.06 Coronary artery bypass surgery
16.14.01 Thoracic aortic dissection - rename acute aortic syndromes
16.14.02 Peripheral arterial disease
16.14.03 Cholesterol embolism
16.14.04 Takayasu arteritis
16.15.01 Structure and function
16.15.02 Pulmonary hypertension
16.16.01 Deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism
16.16.02 Therapeutic anticoagulation
16.17.01 Essential hypertension: definition, epidemiology and pathophysiology
16.17.02 Diagnosis, assessment and treatment of essential hypertension
16.17.03 Secondary hypertension
16.17.04 Mendelian disorders causing hypertension
16.17.05 Hypertensive urgencies and emergencies
16.18 Chronic peripheral oedema and lymphoedema
16.19 Idiopathic oedema of women