Domestic Tensions, National Anxieties: Global Perspectives on Marriage, Crisis, and Nation

ISBN : 9780199856749

Kristin Celello; Hanan Kholoussy
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156 x 235 mm

Since the late nineteenth century, fears that marriage is in crisis have reverberated around the world. Domestic Tensions, National Anxieties explores this phenomenon, asking why people of various races, classes, and nations frequently seem to be fretting about marriage. Each of the twelve chapters analyzes a specific time and place during which proclamations of marriage crisis have dominated public discourse, whether in 1920s India, mid-century France, or present-day Iran. While each nation has had its own reasons for escalating anxieties over marriage and the family, common themes emerge in how people have understood and debated crises in marriage. Collectively, the chapters reveal how diverse individuals have deployed the institution of marriage to talk not only about intimate relationships, but also to understand the nation, its problems, and various socioeconomic and political transformations. The volume reveals critical insights and showcases original research across interdisciplinary and national boundaries, making a groundbreaking contribution to current scholarship on marriage, family, nationalism, gender, and the law.


Kristin Celello and Hanan Kholoussy: Introduction: Domestic Tensions, National Anxieties: Global Perspectives on Marriage, Crisis, and Nation
1 Barbara Alpern Engel: Marital Choice and Marital Crisis in Late Imperial Russia
2 Erica M. Windler: Marriage, Manumission, and Morality in Turn-of-the-Century Rio de Janeiro
3 Nancy F. Cott: Marriage Crisis and All That Jazz
4 Ishita Pande: Marriage and Minority: The Indian Nation, the Muslim Question, and the Child Marriage Restraint Act of 1929
5 Tin Tin Htun: Mixed Marriage in Colonial Burma: National Identity and Nationhood at Risk
6 Elke E. Stockreiter: Materialism, Contention, and Rebellion: The Changing Demands on Marriage in Colonial Zanzibar
7 Rebecca J. Pulju: Finding a Grand Amour in Marriage in Postwar France
8 Ke Li and Sara L. Friedman: Wedding Marriage to the Nation-State in Modern China: Legal Consequences for Divorce, Property, and Women's Rights
9 Nwando Achebe: Woman-to-Woman, Polyandrous, and Child Marriage: Expressions and Contestations of Marriage Rights in Colonial and Independent Nigeria
10 Amy Motlagh: What Kind of Crisis? Marriage and Masculinity in Contemporary Iranian Cinema
11 Jeff Kingston: Marriage and Family in Crisis in Contemporary Japan
12 Imagined Crises: Assessing Evidence of Delayed Marriage and Never-Marriage in Contemporary Egypt


Kristin Celello is Associate Professor of History at Queens College, City University of New York. She is the author of Making Marriage Work: A History of Marriage and Divorce in the Twentieth-Century United States (UNC Press, 2009). Hanan Kholoussy is an Associate Professor of History at The American University in Cairo. She is the author of For Better, For Worse: The Marriage Crisis That Made Modern Egypt (Stanford University Press, 2010; AUC Press, 2010).