Rising China's Influence in Developing Asia

ISBN : 9780198758518

Evelyn Goh
320 ページ
156 x 234 mm

Rising China has been reshaping world order for the last two decades, but this volume argues that we cannot accurately understand rising China's global impacts without first investigating whether and how its growing power resources are translated into actual influence over other states' choices and policies. Concentrating on the developing countries in East and South Asia, where the power asymmetry is greatest and China ought to have the biggest influence, the volume investigates China's influence in bilateral relationships, and on key political actors from these countries within key issue areas and international institutions. Using an influence framework, the volume demonstrates how China tends to try to gain the support of smaller and weaker countries without forcing them to change their preferences or to act against their own interests. China does purposefully coerce, induce, or persuade others to behave in certain ways, but whether and the extent to which it succeeds is determined as much by the reactions, political context and decision-making processes of the target states, as it is by how skilfully Chinese actors deploy these tools. The contributors detail how China's influence even over these weaker states does not result from easy applications of power; rather it tends to be mediated through the competing interests of target state actors, the imperatives of other existing security and economic relationships, and more complex strategic thinking than we might expect. The book's findings carry lessons for conceptual refinement, as well as policy implications for those coping with China's reshaping of international order.


1 Evelyn Goh: Introduction
2 Michael A. Glosny: Chinese Assessments of China's Influence in Developing Asia
Part One: Small Developing Asian States
3 Evelyn Goh and David Steinberg: Myanmar's Management of China's Influence: From Mutual Benefit to Mutual Dependence
4 Cheng Guan Ang: China's Influence over Vietnam in War and Peace
5 Aileen S. P. Baviera: The Domestic Mediations of China's Influence in the Philippines
6 Neil Devotta: China's Influence in Sri Lanka: Negotiating Development, Authoritarianism, and Regional Transformation
Part Two: Issues and Institutions
7 Ralf Emmers: China's Influence in the South China Sea and the Failure of Joint Development
8 Pichamon Yeophantong: China's Hydropower Expansion and Influence Over Environmental Governance in Mainland Southeast Asia
9 James Reilly: Chinese Sunshine: Beijing's Influence on Economic Change in North Korea
10 John D. Ciorciari: China's Influence in Asian Monetary Affairs
11 Rosemary Foot and Rana Siu Inboden: China's Influence on Developing Asian States During the Creation of the United Nations Human Rights Council, 2005-7
Part Three: Extensions
12 Scott L. Kastner: Analysing Chinese Influence: Challenges and Opportunities
13 Evelyn Goh: Conclusion


Evelyn Goh is the Shedden Professor of Strategic Policy Studies at the Australian National University, where she is also the Director of Research at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre.