English Legal System (2nd Revised edition)

ISBN : 9780198747949

Steve Wilson; Helen Rutherford; Tony Storey; Natalie Wortley
648 ページ
189 x 246 mm

How does the English legal system work? Who are the key players? How do its workings affect everyday life? Answering these questions and more, English Legal System provides students with the fundamental knowledge they need to approach the subject with confidence. Concise, simple, and easy-to-understand, the book offers clear and accessible explanations of all of the essential topics. With real-life applications and examples, and a 'talking point' feature at the start of each chapter, once students have grasped concepts they can go on to understand the law in its working context. Packed with questions, features, and engaging text, this book takes students on a journey, inviting them to read, understand, see the law in practice, and then think for themselves. Going beyond description to invite students to reflect and question, 'thinking point' and 'critical debate' features present opportunities for students to develop their own views and consider how effective the law is at achieving its aims. The strongest foundation for students at the start of their study of law; this is a clear, complete, and contextualized account of the English legal system and their essential guide. English Legal System is supported by an Online Resource Centre, featuring the following resources: For students: - Self-test questions to allow students to test their knowledge - A sample Act of Parliament to guide students through reading legislation - Web links to aid students in reading around the topics - Links to video material to allow students to engage with subject areas - A guide to reading cases to help students build up this key skill for their study of law - Updates to the law to explain any key changes For lecturers: - Diagrams from the book for use in presentations


1 Studying English legal system
2 English legal system: an overview
3 Legislation and the law-making process
4 The interpretation of statutes
5 The doctrine of judicial precedent
6 The law and institutions of the European Union
7 Human rights and fundamental freedoms
8 The judiciary
9 The legal profession
10 The jury
11 Access to justice
12 The criminal process: the suspect and the police
13 The criminal process: pre-trial and trial
14 Sentencing
15 The civil process
16 Criminal and civil appeals
17 Tribunals
18 Alternative dispute resolution