The Aqueous Chemistry of Oxides

ISBN : 9780199384259

Bruce C. Bunker; William H. Casey
648 ページ
156 x 235 mm

The Aqueous Chemistry of Oxides is a single-volume text that encapsulates all of the critical issues associated with how oxide materials interact with aqueous solutions. It serves as a central reference for academics working with oxides in the contexts of geology, various types of inorganic chemistry, and materials science. The text also has utility for professionals working with industrial applications in which oxides are either prepared or must perform in aqueous environments. The volume is organized into five key sections. Part One features two introductory chapters, intended to introduce the mutual interests of engineers, chemists, geologists, and industrial scientists in the physical and chemical properties of oxide materials. Part Two provides the essential and fundamental principles that are critical to understanding most of the major reactions between water and oxides. Part Three deals with the synthesis of oxide materials in aqueous media. Part Four deals with oxide-water reactions and their environmental and technological impacts, and Part Five is devoted to other types of relevant reactions. The Aqueous Chemistry of Oxides is the first book that provides a comprehensive summary of all of the critical reactions between oxides and water in a single volume. As such, it ties together a wide range of existing books and literature into a central location that provides a key reference for understanding and accessing a broad range of more specialized topics. The book contain over 300 figures and tables.


Part 1: An Introduction to Oxides
Chapter 1: The Importance of Oxides and Oxide-Water Reactions
Chapter 2: An Overview of Oxide Structures and Compositions

Part 2: Fundamental Oxide Reactions in Aqueous Solutions
Chapter 3: The Structure and Properties of Water
Chapter 4: Solvated Ions in Water
Chapter 5: The Hydrolysis Products - Soluble Multi-Cation Clusters
Chapter 6: The Chemistry of Extended Oxide Surfaces

Part 3: The Aqueous Synthesis and Processing of Oxides
Chapter 7: Nucleation and Growth of Solid Oxide and Hydroxide Phases
Chapter 8: The Colloidal Chemistry of Oxides
Chapter 9: Bio-inspired Synthesis of Oxide Nanostructures

Part 4: Technologically Important Oxide Reactions
Chapter 10: The Ion-Exchange Behavior of Oxides
Chapter 11: The Electrochemistry of Oxides
Chapter 12: Oxide Films in Metal Corrosion - Oxide Defect Chemistry
Chapter 13: Photochemistry and Excited-State Reactions of Oxides

Part 5: Reactions Involving Tetrahedral Oxides
Chapter 14: Aqueous Polymerization of Silicates and Aluminosilicates
Chapter 15: Glass Dissolution and Leaching
Chapter 16: Stress-Corrosion Cracking - Chemically Activated Nanomechanics

Part 6: The Environmental Geochemistry of Oxides
Chapter 17: The Weathering of Oxides
Chapter 18: The Impact of Oxides on Environmental Chemistry


Bruce Bunker is now retired after a distinguished career at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM. William Casey is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of California, Davis.