Skill Set: Strategies for Reading and Writing in the Canadian Classroom (3rd edition)

ISBN : 9780199020133

Lucia Engkent
416 ページ
203 x 254 mm
  • Update of successful second edition
  • Written specifically for developmental English courses
  • Comprehensive and straightforward approach to writing and reading
  • Text divided into short, accessible units focusing on individual skills; to assist learning, more chunking and charts than previous edition
  • Bigger format; reader-friendly layout
  • Includes sample essays

Skill Set is for postsecondary students who need to hone their English writing and reading skills in order to meet future academic demands. Students who get unsatisfactory results on an institution's English writing entrance test take non-credit classes that have been established to help these students transition into this new environment. The classes are a mix of international ESL students, Canadian ESL students, and native speakers.
Skill Set third edition is largely based on our highly successful Skill Set second edition with some notable improvements in organization and ease of use. Some new material has been added, and that includes new readings, mainly newspaper articles. Theme-based units cover a wide range of topics and themes; each unit is structured around the unit theme and has specific communicative goals. In Part OneSkill Development, each unit's theme is a specific writing skill. Grammar is dealt with as a necessary factor in effective communication, but is not emphasized. In Part TwoReading Selections, each unit's topical theme ties the three reading selections (or "articles") within the unit together. A complete teacher's resource will be available online.


Part 1 Skill Development
Unit 1: Writing Skills
Unit 2: Vocabulary Skills
Unit 3: Sentence Writing Skills
Unit 4: Paragraph Writing Skills
Unit 5: Essay Writing Skills
Unit 6: Rhetorical Skills
Unit 7: Editing and Correcting Skills
Unit 8: Reading Skills
Part 2 Reading Selections
Unit 9: Education
Unit 10: Work
Unit 11: Money
Unit 12: Technology
Unit 13: The Environment
Unit 14: Citizenship
Unit 15: Clothing
Unit 16: Fiction


Lucia Engkent, Instructor of Developmental English, Seneca College.