Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis

ISBN : 9780198729204

Bhaskar Dasgupta; Christian Dejaco
176 ページ
129 x 196 mm
Oxford Rheumatology Library

Polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) and giant cell arteritis (GCA) are related conditions occurring almost exclusively in older people. Polymyalgia rheumatica is considered to be the rheumatic disease that is subject to the widest variations of clinical practice, partially due to the considerable uncertainty related to diagnosis and outcomes. Giant cell arteritis, an inflammatory form of vasculitis, may present with a broad spectrum of clinical manifestations and can be complicated by acute ischemic events, the most serious of which is permanent blindness. Early recognition and adequate treatment of the condition is thus necessary to prevent patients' loss of independence and to maintain their quality of life. Part of the Oxford Rheumatology Library series, Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis provides quick and practically relevant information on several aspects of the diseases, particularly on diagnosis and management, with the ultimate aim of improving the patient's care. Chapters highlight current concepts of pathogenesis, recent advances of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, and the ongoing research into the identification of new biomarkers and corticosteroid-sparing medications. Each chapter is complemented with key message boxes highlighting the most relevant information for clinical practice. This concise but comprehensive reference is particularly suited for rheumatologists, general practitioners, and other professionals caring for patients with PMR and GCA.


1 Miguel A. Gonzalez-Gay, Trinitario Pina, and Ricardo Blanco: Definition and epidemiology
2 Maria C. Cid: Etiology and pathogenesis
3 William Docken, Eric Matteson, and Bhaskar Dasgupta: Classification criteria & clinical presentation of polymyalgia rheumatica
4 Carlo Salvarani and Nicolo Pipitone: Clinical presentation of giant cell arteritis
5 Nicolo Pipitone: Laboratory findings
6 Wolfgang A Schmidt: Ultrasound
7 Nicolo Pipitone: Temporal artery biopsy
8 Daniel Blockmans: Magnetic resonance imaging
9 Marco Cimmino & Dario Camellino: Differential diagnosis
10 Frank Buttgereit: Corticosteroids
11 Christian Dejaco: Role of steroid sparing agents
12 Bhaskar Dasgupta: Treatment of a relapses, approach to difficult to treat patients
13 Pravin Patil and N Karia: Management of sight loss and other disease and treatment related complications
14 Christian Dejaco: Determination of disease activity and outcomes
15 Sarah Mackie: Prognosis, duration of therapy
16 Christian Mallen: PMR and GCA in primary care
17 Cindy Crowson and S. Gabriel: Socioeconomic implications of PMR and GCA
18 Kate Gilbert: Patients' education, patient charities


Professor Bhaskar Dasgupta is a leading rheumatologist and Head of Rheumatology at Southend University Hospital, Essex, offering specialist services for inflammatory arthritides. He is regarded as one of the leading clinicians in his specialty worldwide, and has helped Southend University Hospital grow to become one of the foremost centres of Rheumatological advancement globally. Prof. Dasgupta, also Clinical Director of Research at the Hospital, was awarded an Honorary Professorship. Under his leadership, the hospital has developed a research culture responsible for the second highest portfolio activity within the Essex & Hertfordshire CLRN. An international expert in giant cell arteritis and polymyalgia rheumatica, Professor Dasgupta is well known for his ground-breaking work on establishing criteria for diagnosing giant cell arteritis (GCA). Dasgupta and a cross border group of Doctors are seeking to educate their fellow medical professionals on the symptoms and prevent unnecessary blindness.; Dr Christian Dejaco is Assistant Professor in the Department of Rheumatology and Immunology at the Medical University Graz, in Graz, Austria.