The Principles of Equity & Trusts (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780198726180

Graham Virgo
856 ページ
171 x 246 mm

The Principles of Equity & Trusts offers a refreshing, student-focused approach to a dynamic area of law. Professor Graham Virgo brings his expertise as a teacher to present an engaging, contextual account of the subject that lays out the essential principles of trusts and their equitable remedies in clear terms. Virgo's proven and well-received approach to the subject has been fully revised and updated with the latest legal developments and case law. In the second edition of this best-selling textbook, Virgo continues to approach the subject with unparalleled clarity, stating the law in plain terms before building on an area of debate and encouraging students to fully engage with the inherent issues within the subject. Concise and authoritative analysis enables students to grasp the principles of trusts and develop the confidence to engage fully with the developing nature of the law in this area and excel in their studies. Virgo's fresh approach continues to offer a lucid exposition of the law and provide the academic rigour for which this text has come to be relied upon. Combining expert knowledge and comprehensive coverage, The Principles of Equity & Trusts is the ideal companion to a course in trusts law. Online Resource Centre Supported by an Online Resource Centre, featuring an introductory video by the author and updates to the law and key cases, keeping readers up to date with the latest legal developments.


Part I: Equity
1 An introduction to equity
2 The characteristics of equity
3 An introduction to the trust

Pat II: The Express Trust
4 The requirements of an express trust
5 Formalities

Part III: Trusts for Purposes
6 Charitable trusts
7 Non-charitable purpose trusts

Part IV: Implied Trusts
8 Resulting trusts
9 Constructive trusts
10 Informal arrangements relating to property

Part V: Beneficiaries
11 Beneficiaries

Part VI: Trustees and Their Responsibilities
12 Trustees
13 The administration of trusts
14 Dispositive powers and duties
15 Fiduciary duties

Part VII: Variation of Trusts
16 The variation of trusts

Part VIII: Breach of Trust and Fiduciary Duty
17 Liability for breach of trust and fiduciary duty
18 Personal liability for breach of trust and fiduciary duty
19 Proprietary claims and remedies
20 Personal liability of third parties

Part IX: Equitable Orders
21 Equitable orders


Graham Virgo is Professor of English Private Law and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education at the University of Cambridge.