A Fierce Green Fire: The Life and Legacy of Aldo Leopold

ISBN : 9780199965038

Marybeth Lorbiecki
360 ページ
156 x 235 mm

Aldo Leopold: A Fierce Green Fire (OUP; 1999) remains the only biography for the general public on Leopold. It was praised for being concise and readable, and written in the context of the history of American conservation. In a second edition, Marybeth Lorbiecki has added new chapters on Leopold's legacy-the ripple effects of the ecological knowledge, ethics, and leadership he instilled in his wife's family in the Southwest, his children, graduate students, organizations-and on his relevance today. In a new introduction, Lorbiecki explains why Leopold is still so relevant, focusing on the new ecological challenges we face and the myriad of ways his work influences us today, including phenological studies he started at the Shack and their role in proving climate change, and responses to these challenges based on a land ethic. New chapters focus on the Leopold children and their contributions to the land ethic and ecology in their different scientific fields, Leopold's key graduate students and their contributions to various fields, and the recent activities of various organizations that Leopold helped launch.


Author's Note
Introduction: A Daughter's Reflection by Nina Leopold Bradley, and Reflections Upon the Reflections

Part I: Aldo Leopold's Life and Writings
Lug-ins-land: 1887-1901
Ornithologists and Explorations: 1901-03
The Naturalist Out East: 1903-05
Women and Wise Use: 1905-09
A Cowboy in Love: 1909-12
New Life and Near Death: 1912-14
Save that Game: 1915-19
A Wild Proposal: 1919-24
Surveying the Field: 1924-33
The Land Laboratories: 1933-36
The Professor: 1937-39
Paths of Violence: 1939-45
Great Possessions: 1945-1948
Adios and Happy Trails, 1948

Part II: Updates from Here and There
All in the Family
Aldo's Students and Colleagues
The Shack Land and The Aldo Leopold Foundation
The Wilderness Idea
The Farmer As Conservationist EL and Restorationist
The Endangered Species and Youth - Keeping All the Cogs and Wheels
The Round River - Conservation Economics

Part III: The Upshot
The Land Ethic
Love and the Restoration of Ourselves

Books by Aldo Leopold
Selected Sources
Acknowledgments and Photo Credits


Author Lorbiecki, an adjunct professor of writing at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, has remained a respected expert in the field as demonstrated by her ongoing speaking and writing engagements on Leopold and conservation ethics. Besides Lorbiecki's compelling nonfiction works for adults, she has over 25 award-winning children's books. Most explore the relationships between people and the land.