The Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Coinage

ISBN : 9780199372188

William E. Metcalf
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Oxford Handbooks in Classics and Ancient History

A large gap exists in the literature of ancient numismatics between general works intended for collectors and highly specialized studies addressed to numismatists. Indeed, there is hardly anything produced by knowledgeable numismatists that is easily accessible to the academic community at large or the interested lay reader. The Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Coinage will fill this gap by providing a systematic overview of the major coinages of the classical world. The handbook begins with a general introduction by volume editor William E. Metcalf followed by an article establishing the history and role of scientific analysis in ancient numismatics. The subsequent thirty-two chapters, all written by an international group of distinguished scholars, cover a vast geography and chronology, beginning with the first evidence of coins in Western Asia Minor in the seventh century BCE and continuing up to the transformation of coinage at the end of the Roman Empire. In addition to providing the essential background and current research questions of each of the major coinages, the handbook also includes articles on the application of numismatic evidence to the disciplines of archaeology, economic history, art history, and ancient history. With helpful appendices, a glossary of specialized terms, indices of mints, persons, and general topics, and nearly 900 halftone illustrations, The Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Coinage will be an indispensable resource for scholars and students of the classical world, as well as a stimulating reference for collectors and interested lay readers.


Introduction, William E. Metcalf
1. The Substance of Coinage: The Role of Scientific Analysis in Ancient Numismatics, Matthew Ponting
Archaic and Classical Greek Coinage
2. The Monetary Background of Early Coinage, John H. Kroll
3. Asia Minor to the Ionian Revolt, Koray Konuk
4. The Coinage of the Persian Empire, Michael Alram
5. The Coinage of Athens, 6th - 1st century B.C., Peter van Alfen
6. Aegina, the Cyclades and Crete, Kenneth Sheedy
7. The Coinage of Italy, N. K. Rutter
8. The Coinage of Sicily, Wolfgang Fischer-Bossert
9. Greece and the Balkans to 360 B.C., Selene Psoma
The Hellenistic World
10. Royal Hellenistic Coinages from Alexander to Mithridates, Francois de Callatay
11. The Hellenistic World: The Cities of Mainland Greece and Asia Minor, Richard Ashton
12. The Coinage of the Ptolemies, Catharine C. Lorber
13. The Seleucids, Arthur Houghton
14. Greek Coinages of Palestine, Oren Tal
15. The Coinage of the Parthians, Fabrizio Sinisi
The Roman World
16. Early Roman Coinage and its Italian Context, Andrew Burnett
17. The Denarius Coinage of the Roman Republic, Bernhard E. Woytek
18. The Julio-Claudians, Rienhold Wolters
19. Ancient Spain, Pere P. Ripolles
20. Flavian Coinage, Ian Carradice
21. The Coinage of the Provinces through Hadrian, Michel Amandry
22. Trajan and Hadrian, Martin Beckmann
23. Antonine Coinage, Liv Mariah Yarrow
24. The Provinces after Commodus, RAnn Johnston
25. Syria in the Roman Period, 64 B.C. - A.D. 260, Kevin Butcher
26. Roman Coinages of Palestine, Haim Gitler
27. The Severans, Richard Abdy
28. From Gordian III to the Gallic Empire (A.D. 238-74), Roger Bland
29. The Later Third Century, Sylviane Estiot
30. The Coinage of Roman Egypt, Angelo Geissen
31. Tetrarchy and the House of Constantine, Richard Abdy
32. The Coinage of the Later Roman Empire, A.D. 364-498, Sam Moorhead
33. The Transformation of the West, Alan M. Stahl
Appendix 1: Marks of value on later Roman coins, Roger Bland
Appendix 2: The earliest Christian symbols on Roman coins, Richard Abdy
a. Mints
b. Persons
c. General


William E. Metcalf is Professor of Classics, Yale University and Ben Lee Damsky Curator of Coins and Medals, Yale University Art Gallery.