Psychiatry in Practice: Education, Experience, and Expertise

ISBN : 9780198723646

Andrea Fiorillo; Umberto Volpe; Dinesh Bhugra
512 ページ
153 x 234 mm

Psychiatry in Practice: Education, Experience, and Expertise provides detailed advice and useful tips for early career psychiatrists, and all others who wish to enhance their practical psychiatry skills. Each chapter is written by prominent early career psychiatrists from around the world, offering relevant and timely advice to those who are newly qualified, as well as a global perspective on the practical issues faced today. Covering a variety of topics from 'Psychiatric Emergencies' to 'Ethics and clinical practice in psychiatry', chapters include vignettes of scenarios that may be encountered, making this book pertinent and easily applicable to many early career situations. Skills related to personal management and managing resources are often not taught during training but are key to establishing a career in psychiatry - this book will help the new clinician to develop professionally. The emphasis on practicality ensures psychiatrists are prepared for the needs of the modern health service and society at large, and ensures patients across the world experience the best treatment available.


1 Andrea Fiorillo, Umberto Volpe, and Dinesh Bhugra: Role and responsibilities of psychiatrists
2 Alex Till, Andrea Fiorillo, and Dinesh Bhugra: How to develop leadership skills
3 Adriana Mihai, Vesna Jordanova, Umberto Volpe, and Norman Sartorius: Evaluating mental health care systems by studying pathways to care
4 Nikolina Jovanovic, Andrea Fiorillo, and Wulf Rossler: Managing self: time, priorities and well-being
5 Amit Malik, Clive Field, and Philip Gorwood: Managing financial resources in healthcare settings
6 Julian Beezhold, Nagendra Bendi, and Mariana Pinto da Costa: Managing difficult people in the workplace
7 Nicholas Deakin, Max Pemberton, and Dinesh Bhugra: Managing media
8 Umberto Volpe, Andrea Fiorillo, Nikolina Jovanovic, and Dinesh Bhugra: Mentoring and Career Coaching
9 Olivier Andlauer, Carla Obradors-Tarrago, Clare Holt, and Driss Moussaoui: How to organise and manage scientific meetings
10 Martina Rojnic Kuzman, Umberto Volpe, and Dinesh Bhugra: Raising funds for research and educational activities
11 Maria Orlova, Marisa Casanova Dias, Domenico Giacco, and Marc H.M. Hermans: Medical mobility: how to gain further skills
12 Florian Riese, Maja Pantovic, Andrea Fiorillo, Allan Tasman, and Norman Sartorius: Building an academic career in psychiatry
13 Marisa Casanova Dias, Florian Riese, and Allan Tasman: Curriculum development for psychiatric training
14 Olivier Andlauer, Alexander Nawka, Gregory Lydall, Sinan Guloksuz, and Silvana Galderisi: Social media and e-learning for professional development in psychiatry
15 Nicholas Deakin, Dinesh Bhugra, and Giovanni Stanghellini: The philosophical basis of psychiatry
16 Muj Husain, Claudia Palumbo, and Dinesh Bhugra: How to build a strong therapeutic alliance in mental health care: things to do, things to avoid
17 Hussien Elkholy, Ahmed Adel, Nagendra Bendi, and Julian Beezhold: Psychiatric Emergencies
18 Daniele Carretta, Giuseppe Carra, Massimo Clerici, and Reinhard Heun: Building ties in the Community for Patients with mental illness
19 Sara Evans-Lacko, Petra C. Gronholm, Ahmed Hankir, Luca Pingani, and Patrick Corrigan: Practical strategies to fight stigma in mental health
20 Valeria Del Vecchio, Gaia Sampogna, Bino Thomas, Tamas Kurimay, and Lisa Dixon: Working with families of patients with mental illness
21 Julian Beezhold, Michael J. Wise, Defne Eraslan, and Marianne Kastrup: Informed consent in research settings
22 Julio Torales, Cesar Ruiz-Diaz, and Dinesh Bhugra: Ethics and clinical practice in psychiatry
23 Mariana Pinto da Costa, Ana Moscoso, and Giovanni de Girolamo: Mental health care in the transition from child and adolescent to adult psychiatry: What a psychiatrist cannot ignore
24 Martina Rojnic Kuzman, Defne Eraslan, and Jerzy Samochowiec: How to responsibly prescribe psychotropics
25 Mario Luciano, Julian Beezhold, Nagendra Bendi, and Dinesh Bhugra: Dealing with aggressive and violent behaviours in psychiatric settings
26 Florian Riese, Cecile Hanon, Alexis Lepetit, and Linda Lam: Practical skills in old age psychiatry
27 Sabyasachi Bhaumik, Reza Kiani, Shweta Gangavati, and Sayeed Kha: Management of Intellectual Disability
28 Felipe Picon, Patrick Kelly, and Rutger van der Gaag: Managing Child Psychiatry
29 Silvia Ferrari, Annegret Dreher, Giorgio Mattei, and Albert Diefenbacher: Liaison Psychiatry - is it possible?
30 Ilaria Tarricone, Iris Tatjana Graef-Calliess, Francesco Cazzola, Umut Altunoz, and Dinesh Bhugra: Presentation and treatment of mental disorders in migrants
31 Zuzana Lattova, Olga Paravaya, and Anita Riecher-Rossler: Management of mental disorders during pregnancy and the postpartum period
32 Sarah B. Johnson, Corrado De Rosa, and Michael Musalek: Involuntary hospitalizations in psychiatry. What do and what to avoid
33 Gurvinder Kalra, Antonio Ventriglio, Christian Foerster, and Dinesh Bhugra: Sexual Variation and Mental Health
34 Felipe Picon, Umberto Volpe, Philipp Sterzerc, and Andreas Heinz: Translational Neuroimaging
35 Ana Moscoso, Jordan Sibeoni, Nikolina Jovanovic, and Fritz Hohagen: Psychotherapy in Practice


Andrea Fiorillo, MD, PhD, is Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, University of Naples SUN, Italy; Umberto Volpe MD, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, University of Naples SUN, Italy; Dinesh Bhugra, PhD, MA, MSc, MBBS, FRCPsych, MPhil, LMSSA, is Professor of Mental Health and Cultural Diversity, Section of Cultural Psychiatry, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London, UK