Group Work Research

ISBN : 9780195381542

Charles D. Garvin; Richard Tolman; Mark Macgowan
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140 x 216 mm
Pocket Guide to Social Work Research Methods

Group Work Research is an essential resource for anyone seeking to conduct research on groups or develop empirically based group work practices. It illustrates how to plan and conduct group work research, including studies of the impact of groups on individual members, group conditions (e.g. cohesiveness, roles, processes, structures), and other systems external to the group. Furthermore, it will walk the reader through the process of conducting group work research, from formulating the research problem to selecting a design, measuring variables, and disseminating the findings. The authors also discuss considerations when the purpose of the research is an evaluation of a group work program. The amount of research that has been published about group work is not reflective of the technique's extensive use. Laying out all the fundamental details of group work research in a straightforward, reader-friendly manner, Group Work Research will be invaluable to doctoral students and faculty in group work, as well as professionals without formal training in using research to inform their practice.



Chapter I: Introduction to Group Work Research

Chapter II: Problem Formulation in Group Work Research

Chaper III: Measurement

Chapter IV: Research Designs

Chapter V: Practitioner Utilization and Creation of Group Work Knowledge

Chapter VI: Reporting and Disseminating Group Work Research

Chapter VII: Social Justice Issues in Group Research





Charles Garvin, PhD, AM, is Professor Emeritus of Social Work at the University of Michigan; author of many texts in social work, group work, and social justice in social work; author of over 50 articles and book chapters on these subjects; board member of International Association of Social Work with Groups; member of editorial boards of Social Work with Groups and Journal of Education in Social Work and Small Group Research.; Richard M. Tolman, PhD, MSW, is Professor of Social Work at the University of Michigan. Dr. Tolman has been involved in research, teaching and group work practice for over 30 years. His work focuses primarily on preventing men's violence towards women.; Mark Macgowan, PhD, MSW, is Professor and Coordinator of the Doctoral Program in Social Work at Florida International University. He is author of A Guide to Evidence-Based Group Work (Oxford) and co-editor of Evidence-Based Group Work in Community Settings (Taylor & Francis) and IASWG Standards for Social Work with Groups (Taylor & Francis). He serves on the editorial boards of several peer-reviewed group work journals and is an Executive Committee member of the International Association for Social Work with Groups. His clinical experience includes working with persons with substance use problems and those affected by traumatic events. teaching and group work practice for over 30 years. His work focuses primarily on preventing men's violence towards women.