Type 2 Diabetes (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780199596171

Anthony Barnett
176 ページ
141 x 196 mm
Oxford Diabetes Library

Around 250 million people currently suffer from diabetes globally and this number is expected to reach 370 million people within the next 20 years. Fortunately in recent years our understanding of the pathogenesis and management of Type 2 diabetes has increased enormously. Innovative new drugs have been developed and the evidence base for treating diabetes and preventing its complications is now outstanding. This second edition has been fully updated throughout to include all of the latest trial data, including new chapters on pathophysiology, and interpretation of recent clinical trials. This pocketbook is a concise, practical guide to the diagnosis, assessment and management of Type 2 Diabetes aimed at clinicians, GPs and nurse specialists. With contributions from leading diabetes experts, the information in this book is presented in an easy to use format and is supplemented with key figures and tables.


1. Complications and costs of diabetes
2. Pathophysiology of Type 2 Diabetes
3. Interpretation of recent clinical trials concerning tight glycaemic control and vascular risk
4. Pharmacotherapy in type 2 diabetes: clinical evidence
5. Multiple cardiovascular risk intervention
6. Diet, exercise and other lifestyle factors
7. Managing glycaemia - current oral agents
8. Managing glycaemia: recently introduced and future therapies
9. Management of type 2 diabetes and Insulin
10. Challenges to good diabetes care


Anthony H. Barnett is Senior Academic/Professor of Medicine at the University of Birmingham and Clinical Director of Diabetes and Endocrinology at the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham. Prof. Barnett has significant involvement in both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and was formerly lead for 4th year undergraduate students. He is past editor of many education-based journals aimed at primary care, including Modern Diabetes Management, Modern Hypertension Management, Obesity in Practice and Practical Cardiovascular Risk Management. He has been an examiner for the University of Birmingham and the Open University and has supervised over 40 PhD and MD students for their higher doctorates. He has published widely (over 500 publications), both in peer reviewed journals and has edited books and book chapters. He also regularly gives advice to the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and The European Medicines Agency.