How to Teach: A Handbook for Clinicians

ISBN : 9780199592067

Shirley Dobson; Michael Dobson; Lesley Bromley
248 ページ
171 x 233 mm
Success in Medicine

How can I teach more interactively? What is the best way to use visual aids? Why should I vary my teaching method? How should I prepare for a lecture? When should I use a simulator? Good teaching skills are essential for passing on knowledge so that it will be retained and practised for a lifetime. Thus being able to teach well is vital to patient care. This book is written for the busy clinician to help improve their teaching and pass their skills and learning on to others in the most effective way. The text covers every aspect of teaching, from lesson planning and how to use resources, to evaluating teaching and dealing with difficult situations. A combination of practical advice, step-by-step instructions and sample lesson plans will help and inspire the reader to become the best teacher possible. The text is also written for those who teach others to teach; for those running a course for their department, or running official teacher training courses. The Notes for Trainers section within each chapter gives specific guidance, helpful tips and sample lesson plans to help you run a new course. The authors share their extensive range of clinical and teaching experience in this highly readable book.


1. Why good teachers are necessary
2. How to prepare efficiently - the essentials
3. How to prepare for a formal lecture
4. How to prepare to use case studies for teaching
5. How to prepare to teach interactively
6. How to prepare extra resources
7. Getting your message across clearly
8. Reinforcing the message - using extra resources
9. Simulators
10. Teaching a skill
11. How to deal with unexpected difficulties - and find solutions
12. How to evaluate and use feedback to improve your teaching
13. How to assess your students' progress
14. How to evaluate a course, a conference, or meeting
15. Thinking about values
A1 Appendix 1 Language issues in teaching and training
A2 Appendix 2 Sample education course programmes
A3 Appendix 3 Leading a Curriculum review
A4 Appendix 4 Sample handouts for trainers


Shirley Dobson worked as a teacher of foreign languages before leading a PGCE course at Westminster College Oxford. She has trained doctors around the world to improve their teaching skills, together with her husband, Consultant Anaesthetist Dr Michael Dobson, and with the support of the World Federation of the Societies of Anaesthesiologists. She has also been an adviser for to a college for training teachers for early years in Paraguay. She has provided INSET in schools and colleges on values in education.; Mike Dobson is a senior consultant anaesthetist and honorary senior clinical lecturer in Oxford. He qualified in Edinburgh, and trained in anaesthesia in Oxford. He worked for many years as anaesthetic adviser to WHO, and has been involved in training UK and overseas doctors in anaesthesia and trauma care.; Dr Lesley Bromley is a senior lecturer in anaesthesia and pain management at University College London and the Director of Postgraduate Medical Education at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. She has been involved in teaching medical students and postgraduate doctors for 20 years. She has also contributed to a number of 'Teach the Teacher 'initiatives in the UK, Africa, and Eastern Europe.