The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri: v. 3: Paradiso

ISBN : 9780195087420

Robert M. Durling; Ronald L. Martinez
888 ページ
173 x 241 mm

Robert Durling's much-anticipated translation of the Paradiso, the third and final volume of Dante's Divine Comedy, is available at last. Durling's prose translations of the Inferno and the Purgatorio garnered high praise, and with this superb version of the Paradiso readers can now traverse the entirety of Dante's epic poem of spiritual ascent with the guidance of one of the greatest living Italian-to-English translators. Reunited with his beloved Beatrice in the Paradiso, the poet-narrator journeys through the heavenly spheres and comes to know "the state of blessed souls after death," the joy that every man can attain with God's grace. As with the previous volumes, the original Italian and its English translation appear on facing pages for language mavens. But every reader will be drawn to Durling's precise and vivid prose, which is perfectly suited to capture Dante's extraordinary range of expression-from the high style of divine revelation to colloquial speech, lyrical interludes, and scornful diatribes against corrupt monks. This edition boasts several unique features to aid readers. The notes by Durling and Ronald Martinez at the end of each canto not only illuminate the Paradiso, but stress the links among all three volumes of the Commedia, something seldom done in other editions. It also includes several drawings that illustrate Dante's medieval cosmology and a map of the poet's journey through Paradise. Durling's lucid, stage-setting introduction explores the Paradiso's unsurpassed imaginative richness and provides historical, political, biblical, and theological contexts that further enhance the reader's comprehension of the poem's major themes. Finally, the volume includes a unique set of indexes, including Proper Names in the Notes (with rich subheadings concerning themes and rhetorical devices), Passages Cited in the Notes, Words Discussed in the Notes, as well as the customary Index of Proper Names in the Text and Translation. No reader will be disappointed by this reader-friendly, lovingly rendered new edition, a fitting capstone to Durling's remarkable achievement.


Robert M. Durling is Professor Emeritus of English and Italian Literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Ronald L. Martinez is Professor of Italian at Brown University. Their works together include Dante's Inferno and Purgatorio and Time and the Crystal: Studies in Dante's Rime petrose.