The Light Fantastic: A Modern Introduction to Classical and Quantum Optics (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780199584604

Ian Kenyon
736 ページ
189 x 245 mm

A thorough introduction to modern classical and quantum optics, appropriate for advanced undergraduates or beginning graduates. The emphasis is on building an understanding in straightforward steps. Digital cameras, LCD screens, laser welding, and the optical fibre-based internet illustrate the penetration of optics in twenty-first century life: many such modern applications are presented from first principles. Self-contained themes covered in the book include: - Paraxial ray optics for devices including matrix methods and aberrations. - Interference, coherence and interferometry. - Diffraction, spectrometry and Gaussian optics. - Fourier optics, holography and information processing. - Astronomical telescopes, adaptive optics and aperture synthesis. - Maxwell's theory; scattering, absorption and dispersion in bulk materials; multilayer filters. - Quantum phenomena, wave-particle duality and the uncertainty principle. - Schroedinger's analysis of spectra, photon properties. - Laser principles; He:Ne to MQW lasers and applications. - Detectors: photodiodes, CCDs, PMs and image intensifiers; response, noise and linearity. - Fibre optics: single mode fibre analysis; the modern data highway; fibre sensors. - Photon-atom interactions, optical cooling and optical clocks. - Second quantization, photon correlations, SPDC, entanglement. This thoroughly revised and updated edition includes new coverage of photonic crystals and Bloch waves, as well as quantum dots and microcavities.


1. Introduction
2. Reflection and refraction at plane surfaces
3. Spherical mirrors and lenses
4. Optical Instruments
5. Interference effects and interferometers
6. Diffraction
7. Fourier optics
8. Astronomical telescopes
9. Classical electromagnetic theory
10. Polarization
11. Scattering, absorption and dispersion
12. The quantum nature of light and matter
13. Quantum mechanics and the atom
14. Lasers
15. Detectors
16. Optical Fibres
17. Photonic crystals
18. Quantum interactions
19. The quantized electromagnetic field
20. Quantum dots, optical cavities and cryptography


Ian Kenyon has been a Research Associate at Oxford University, Northwestern University and Brookhaven National Laboratory, and subsequently Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Reader at Birmingham University.