ISBN : 9780199584116

A. V. Narlikar
496 ページ
201 x 254 mm

Superconductors is neither about basic aspects of superconductivity nor about its applications, but its mainstay is superconducting materials. Unusual and unconventional features of a large variety of novel superconductors are presented and their technological potential as practical superconductors assessed. The book begins with an introduction to basic aspects of superconductivity. The presentation is readily accessible to readers from a diverse range of scientific and technical disciplines, such as metallurgy, materials science, materials engineering, electronic and device engineering, and chemistry. The derivation of mathematical formulas and equations has been kept to a minimum and, wherever necessary, short appendices with essential mathematics have been added at the end of the text. The book is not meant to serve as an encyclopaedia, describing each and every superconductor that exists, but focuses on important milestones in their exciting development.


1. Onnes' discovery and hundred years of superconductors
2. The superconducting state
3. Superconducting transition and its basic phenomenology
4. Thermodynamics and general properties
5. Advent of type-II superconductors
6. Critical current and flux pinning
7. Superconductors in abundance
8. Niobium-zirconium and niobium-titanium alloys
9. A-15 superconductors
10. Conductor development of A-15 superconductors
11. Chevrel phase superconductors
12. Rare-earth based ternary superconductors and quaternary borocarbides
13. Heavy fermion superconductors
14. Organic superconductors
15. Superconducting magnesium diboride
16. High temperature cuprate superconductors
17. Thin film technology and conductor development of HTS cuprates
18. Bulk HTS cuprates
19. Ruthenates and ruthenocuprates
20. Fe based superconductors
21. Miscellaneous superconductors


A. V. Narlikar has been an active researcher in the field of superconductors for over 50 years. He received PhD and ScD degrees in this field from the University of Cambridge, UK. For 30 years Professor Narlikar headed the Superconductivity Division at the National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi. He is presently a Senior Scientist and a Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy, working at UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research in Indore. He is also a Visiting Scientist in the Applied Superconductivity and Cryoscience Group at the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science, University of Cambridge. He has contributed over 300 papers to international refereed journals and over 50 edited/authored books on superconductors, published by international publishers.