William Walton Edition Complete Set

ISBN : 9780193402508

William Walton; David Lloyd-Jones
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Multiple Copy Pack
61 x 420 mm

The William Walton Edition is a collected edition of the works of one of England's finest and best-loved composers. Each work is newly edited and checked against the composer's manuscript, previous published editions, and all other relevant material. The result is a definitive and fully practical edition, based on the form in which the composer ultimately wished his music to be performed, and including in some cases both original and revised versions. Carefully researched introductory essays place the works in their historical context and in the composer's oeuvre, and there are full critical notes.


9780193386082. Troilus and Cressida (WE1)
9780193384439. The Bear (WE2)
9780193365087. Ballets (WE3)
9780193683082. Belshazzar's Feast (WE4)
9780193683075. Choral Works with Orchestra (WE5)
9780193594326. Shorter Choral Works without Orchestra (WE6)
9780193593855. Facade Entertainments (WE7)
9780193360013. Vocal Music (WE8)
9780193684188. Symphony No. 1 (WE9)
9780193683105. Symphony No. 2 (WE10)
9780193360655. Violin and Cello Concertos (WE11)
9780193681309. Concerto for Viola and Orchestra (WE12)
9780193683112. Sinfonia Concertante (WE13)
9780193683143. Overtures (WE14)
9780193683150. Orchestral Works 1 (WE15)
9780193683167. Orchestral Works 2 (WE16)
9780193360648. Shorter Orchestral Works I (WE17)
9780193683204. Shorter Orchestral Works Volume 2 (WE18)
9780193683174. Chamber Music (WE19)
9780193683181. Instrumental Music (WE20)
9780193683198. Music for Brass (WE21)
9780193361737. Film Suites (WE22)
9780193385313. Henry V - A Shakespeare Scenario (WE23)
9780193683228. William Walton: A Catalogue (WE24)


Sir William Walton was born in Oldham, Lancashire in 1902, the son of a choirmaster and a singing-teacher. He became a chorister at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, and then an undergraduate at the University. His first composition to attract attention was a piano quartet written at the age of sixteen. At Oxford he made the acquaintance of the Sitwells who gave him friendship, moral and financial support and in 1922 he collaborated with Edith in devising the entertainment Facade. Less than ten years later, Osbert prepared the text of another masterwork, Belshazzar's Feast. From 1922 to 1927 Walton began to spend an increasing amount of time abroad, notably in Switzerland and Italy. The war years were devoted mainly to writing film and ballet scores and he became established as amongst the greatest composers for the screen.