Thomas Middleton: The Collected Works

ISBN : 9780199580538

Gary Taylor; John Lavagnino
2016 ページ
189 x 244 mm

Thomas Middleton (1580-1627) - 'our other Shakespeare' - is the only other Renaissance playwright who created lasting masterpieces of both comedy and tragedy; he also wrote the greatest box-office hit of early modern London (the unique history play A Game at Chess ). His range extends beyond these traditional genres to tragicomedies, masques, pageants, pamphlets, epigrams, and Biblical and political commentaries, written alone or in collaboration with Shakespeare, Webster, Dekker, Ford, Heywood, Rowley, and others. Compared by critics to Aristophanes and Ibsen, Racine and Joe Orton, he has influenced writers as diverse as Aphra Behn and T. S. Eliot. Though repeatedly censored in his own time, he has since come to be particularly admired for his representations of the intertwined pursuits of sex, money, power, and God. The Oxford Middleton, prepared by more than sixty scholars from a dozen countries, follows the precedent of The Oxford Shakespeare in being published in two volumes, an innovative but accessible Collected Works and a comprehensive scholarly Companion. Though closely connected, each volume can be used independently of the other. The Collected Works brings together for the first time in a single volume all the works currently attributed to Middleton. It is the first edition of Middleton's works since 1886. The texts are printed in modern spelling and punctuation, with critical introductions and foot-of-the-page commentaries; they are arranged in chronological order, with a special section of Juvenilia. The volume is introduced by essays on Middleton's life and reputation, on early modern London, and on the varied theatres of the English Renaissance. Extensively illustrated, it incorporates much new information on Middleton's life, canon, texts, and contexts. A self-consciously 'federal edition', The Collected Works applies contemporary theories about the nature of literature and the history of the book to editorial practice.


Alphabetical Contents
Index of Titles by Genre
List of Illustrations
How to Use This Book
Thomas Middleton: Lives and Afterlives
Middleton's London
Middleton's Theatres
The Phoenix
News from Gravesend: Sent to Nobody
The Nightingale and the Ant
and, Father Hubburd's Tales
The Meeting of Gallants at an Ordinary
or, The Walks in Paul's
Plato's Cap cast at the year 1604
The Black Book
The Patient Man and the Honest Whore
The Whole Royal and Magnificent Entertainment Given to King James through the City of LondonThe Patient Man and the Honest Whore
Lost Plays: A Brief Account
Michaelmas Term
A Trick to Catch the Old One
A Mad World, My Masters
A Yorkshire Tragedy
or, One of the Four Plays in One, called All's One
The Life of Timon of Athens
The Puritan Widow
or, The Puritan
or, The Widow of Watling Street
The Revenger's Tragedy
Your Five Gallants
Sir Robert Sherley his Entertainment in Cracovia
The Two Gates of Salvation
or, The Marriage of the Old and New Testament
or, God's Parliament House
The Bloody Banquet: A Tragedy
The Roaring Girl
or, Moll Cutpurse
No Wit/Help like a Woman's
or, The Almanac
The Lady's Tragedy ['The Second Maiden's Tragedy']: Parallel Texts
A Chaste Maid in Cheapside
The Manner of his Lordship's Entertainment
The Triumphs of Truth
Wit at Several Weapons
Masque of Cupids
More Dissemblers Besides Women
The Widow
The Witch
The Tragedy of Macbeth
Civitatis Amor
A Fair Quarrel
The Triumphs of Honour and Industry
The Owl's Almanac
The Peacemaker
or, Great Britain's Blessing
An/The Old Law
Masque of Heroes
or, The Inner Temple Masque
Hengist, King of Kent
or, The Mayor of Queenborough
The Triumphs of Love and Antiquity
The World Tossed at Tennis [A Courtly Masque]
Honourable Entertainments and An Invention
Women, Beware Women: A Tragedy
The Sun in Aries
Measure for Measure
Anything for a Quiet Life
The Changeling
The Nice Valour
or, The Passionate Madman
The Triumphs of Honour and Virtue
The Spanish Gypsy
The Triumphs of Integrity with The Triumphs of the Golden Fleece
A Game at Chesse: An Early Form
A Game at Chess: A Later Form
Occasional Poems, 1619-25
Lost Pageant for Charles I: A Brief Account
The Triumphs of Health and Prosperity
Lost Political Prose, 1620-7: A Brief Account
JUVENILIA 1597-1602
The Wisdom of Solomon Paraphrased
Microcynicon: Six Snarling Satires
The Ghost of Lucrece
The Penniless Parliament of Threadbare Poets


Gary Taylor, George Matthew Edgar Professor of English and Director of the program in the History of Text Technologies at Florida State University, was joint General Editor of Shakespeare's Complete Works (Oxford, 1986; revised 2005). He has written or co-written more than a dozen books, including Reinventing Shakespeare, Cultural Selection, Castration, and Buying Whiteness . In 2006 he gave the McKenzie lectures in the history of the book at Oxford University. ; John Lavagnino studied physics at Harvard University and American literature at Brandeis University, where he wrote his dissertation on Vladimir Nabokov. He has worked in atmospheric science at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and in electronic publishing for numerous organizations. He is now Senior Lecturer in Humanities Computing at King's College London, and is working on the digital Catalogue of English Literary Manuscripts 1450-1700. ; Associate General Editors MacDonald P. Jackson John Jowett Valerie Wayne Adrian Weiss