Bromley's Family Law (11th edition)

ISBN : 9780199580408

Nigel Lowe; Gillian Douglas
1240 ページ
172 x 246 mm

Relied on by generations of students and practitioners alike, Bromley's Family Law remains the definitive guide to the subject. Updated by experts in the area, Nigel Lowe and Gillian Douglas provide an accurate, detailed yet highly readable account of family law. The text presents a broad and comprehensive treatment of the key issues relating to adult and child law in a clear and distilled manner. Regular headings break up the text and allow easy navigation and quick reference for both students new to the subject and those in practice. The new edition has been fully edited and updated to take account of the latest case law and legislation, while also reflecting new debates and emerging issues in the area. Particular attention is also paid to the increasingly significant international dimension of family law, with a new chapter on this area added to the 11th edition.


1. Introduction
2. Formation of marriage and civil partnerships
3. Determining the validity of a marriage or civil partnership
4. The personal and property consequences of adult partnerships
5. The family home
6. Domestic violence and abuse
7. Divorce and dissolution
8. Parents and guardians
9. The legal position of children
10. What is parental responsibility?
11. Who has parental responsibility?
12. The welfare principle
13. The voice of the child
14. The court's powers to make orders under part II of the Children Act 1989
15. Children and local authorities
16. Children and local authorities: Investigation of child abuse
17. Children and local authorities: Care and supervision proceedings
18. Children and local authorities: The position of children in care
19. Adoption and special guardianship
20. The high court's inherent powers in respect of children
21. Financial obligations to members of the family
22. Financial remedies on divorce, dissolution, nullity and separation: the court's powers
23. Financial remedies: principles and assessment
24. Cohabitation
25. Inheritance and intestacy
26. International aspects of child law


Nigel Lowe is Professor of Law at Cardiff University.; Gillian Douglas is Professor of Law at Cardiff University.