Cancer and the Kidney: The Frontier of Nephrology and Oncology (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780199580194

Eric P. Cohen
384 ページ
160 x 234 mm
Oxford Clinical Nephrology Series

Cancer and the Kidney covers the challenging overlap area of nephrology and oncology. Kidney problems in cancer patients, and cancer that affects kidney patients, are both very real clinical issues in medicine. For example, cancer is a common complication of kidney transplantation, and up to half of all survivors of bone marrow transplant may develop chronic kidney disease. Since publication of the first edition in 2005, there have been many changes in this area. These include the recognition of chronic kidney disease after uninephrectomy for cancer, the occurrence of medication toxicities of the EGFR antagonists and of the VEGF antagonists, and changes in the approach to multiple myeloma. In this new edition, the primary authors cover diverse subjects in this area, ranging from assessment of kidney function, to paraneoplastic disorders, acquired cysts and native kidney cancers, and all points inbetween. Each chapter starts with a case study to ensure a practical focus, and there are numerous illustrations throughout. Specialists and trainees in nephrology and in oncology will find it a useful starting point and reference, as will physician assistants and nurse practitioners who work in these fields.


1. The assessment of kidney function
2. Fluid and electrolyte disorders associated with cancer
3. Paraneoplastic glomerulopathies
4. Paraproteins and the kidney
5. Nephrotoxicity of chemotherapy agents and chemotherapy administration in patients with renal disease
6. Biological cancer therapies and the kidney
7. Radiation nephropathy
8. Renal complications of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
9. Acute renal failure in cancer patients
10. Urinary tract obstruction in cancer patients
11. Acquired cysts and cancer of failing kidneys
12. Kidney cancer
13. Cancer after renal transplantation


This book reflects Dr Cohen's active interest in the challenging overlap area of nephrology and oncology, deriving in turn from his interest and multiple studies of kidney disease after hematopoietic stem cell transplant (bone marrow transplant). He studied medicine at the Universite de Liege, in Belgium and is a member of the Central Society for Clinical Research, the American Society of Nephrology, the Societe Francophone de Dialyse, and the Radiation Research Society. His research bridges the clinic and the lab, bringing the best of each to the other.