The Frontier Club: Popular Westerns and Cultural Power, 1880-1924

ISBN : 9780199731794

Christine Bold
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The Frontier Club is Christine Bold's name for the network of eastern aristocrats who created the western as we now most commonly know it. At the turn of the twentieth century, they yoked this most popular formula to their own elite causes-from big-game hunting to conservation, immigration restriction to Jim Crow segregation-and aligned themselves with cattle kings and "quality" publishers. This book tells the story of that cultural sleight-of-hand. It delves into institutional archives and personal papers to excavate the hidden social, political, and financial interests in the making of the modern western. It re-reads frontier club fiction in relation to the federal policies and cultural spaces (from exclusive gentlemen's clubs to national parks to zoos) with which it was intimately connected; the centerpiece is Owen Wister's bestselling novel The Virginian. It casts new light on nine key clubmen, both the famous and the forgotten-in addition to Wister, the network included Theodore Roosevelt, George Bird Grinnell, Silas Weir Mitchell, Henry Cabot Lodge, Madison Grant, Caspar Whitney, Winthrop Chanler, and Frederic Remington-while recovering the women on whom these men depended and without whom this version of the popular West would not exist. Bold also considers some of the costs of the frontier club formula, in terms of its impact on Indigenous peoples and its marginalization of other popular voices, including western writings by African Americans, white women, and non-elite white men. The book ends by briefly charting the frontier club's enduring impression on western movies.


List of Illustrations
The Frontier Club Western: An Introduction
Frontier Clubmen
Vigilante Clubmen
The Virginian
Chapter 1: Boone and Crockett Writers
The Boone and Crockett Club, 1893
Boone and Crockett Clubmen
Theodore Roosevelt
George Bird Grinnell
Owen Wister
Winthrop Chanler
Madison Grant
Henry Cabot Lodge
Caspar Whitney
Frederic Remington
The Books of the Boone and Crockett Club
Shaping the Voice
Clearing the Enclave
Writing the Frontier Club Western
Lobbying the Federal Government
Chapter 2: Cowboys and Publishers
A Very Proper Philadelphian
Frontier Club Neurasthenia
A Man's Gotta Do ...
Aristocrats Out West
Frontier Club Investments
The Cheyenne Club
Cowboys and Vigilantes
Showdown on Publishers' Row
Frontier Club Investments
The Frontier Club Western and the Literary Marketplace
Conclusion: The Frontier Club vs Alkali Ike
Chapter 3: Women in the Frontier Club
Frontier Club Women and Families
The Wister Women
Molly Wister
Women's Space in the Frontier Club Western
Chapter 4: Jim Crow and the Western
Wister: "white for a hundred years"
Roosevelt's Rough Riders
Remington: With the Eye of the Mind
Black Rough Riders Redux
Chapter 5: Immigrants and "Indians"
Vanishing Acts
Immigration Restriction
Owen Wister
Madison Grant
Another Hank
American Indian Assimilation
George Bird Grinnell
Jack the Young Frontier Clubman
Chapter 6: Outside the Frontier Club
Princess Chinquilla
Cheek by Jowl
Rewriting 1902
Conclusion: Frontier Club Fingerprints


Christine Bold is Professor of English at the University of Guelph. She is the author of Selling the Wild West, The WPA Guides and the editor of The Oxford History of Popular Print Culture: Volume Six: US Popular Print Culture 1860-1920.